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How to Get Your First Client via Your Blog

Anna Johnson Anna Johnson , 1/31/2018
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Starting out as a freelancer can be a difficult road to navigate, but not impossible. You may start off on various job sites, hunting down your clients like a detective hunting a notorious jewel thief. It’s only natural and how many freelance careers begin. It can be a frustrating endeavour at best.


So, imagine this: client’s that seek you out. Just a fairytale notion, I hear you say? Not when you use the power of your blog to create a one-way ticket to a happy client/writer relationship. A tactic that is successful for many prominent freelancers.


But, for those just starting out, how do you go about getting the first client using your blog?


1) Tailor to a Specific Niche


Do you have in depth knowledge about a specific business sector? Or, at the very least, are you willing to learn? To earn more money and attract better suited clients, having your own little writing niche can be the best move to make in your freelance career.


A niche writing career has been a success for many freelancers. Not to mention, it means you can collect a pool of amazing sources and statistics, develop article ideas faster and you may even start to spot new trends. Having a niche also makes your blog easier to find, as there will (likely) be less people searching for writers in your niche and thus your blog has a better chance of attracting clients.


For some, you may still be scratching your head: how on earth do you find a niche? In truth, a niche won’t come to you in a dream of drop into your lap one day. It takes a lot of writing to discover what you are good at.


Start writing for a variety of niches, trade magazines and other craft publications are a good start, and see what peaks your interest. You may find you are particularly talented in breathing life into agricultural news. Explore and flex your writing muscles, you may find a niche before you know it!


2) Regular Updates


Blogging more often can be the best way to attract more traffic to your blog. More traffic means more people, who may or may not be looking for your services. Of course, fifty people may visit the blog and turn out not to be the client you are looking for. But, visitor number fifty-one just might be.


Fresh content can also help your website to rank well in Google, as the crawlers pick up on fresh quality content on a regular basis. Though your ranking factors are typically inbound links, mobile friendliness, length of time users spend on site, etc., adding regular content can only help your Google rank. And as someone trying to sell a service this is invaluable. Try and write about topics they need to know about, like public liability insurance or business owner advice.



3) Talk About Writing


You are a writer who wants to sell your services in the art of wordcraftery. Yet, you never actually talk about writing. This is a fundamental mistake and one you should avoid on your journey to your first client via your blog.


Google “writing quotes” and you will find that many of those quotes come from writers themselves. Why? Because craftsmen talk about their trade to become noticed and celebrated for it.


Take Charles Dickens for example. A noted and celebrated writer today, but when his books were gaining notoriety he didn’t simply let them speak for themselves. He went on speaking tours, drawing in audiences to hear him tell his stories himself and give talks on the writing process as a whole. It let him have a different type of dialogue with his fans.


Which is why, in the same way, you should write about writing on your blog. It gives your clients a look into your process, an understanding of you as a writer and not just whatever topic you may be talking about. Plus, it never hurts to have more articles in your blog portfolio at the end of the day.