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9 hidden auto insurance discounts for Denver drivers

Anna Johnson Anna Johnson , 4/6/2018
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The TV slogans say it all. Spare a few minutes of your time and you could save some serious cash on your auto insurance premium. Want to get in on those deals? Here are nine discounts to look out for.

Discounts Based on How You Pay

1. Automatic-payment discount

If you allow your insurance agency to automatically deduct your payment from your bank account when the bill is due, chances are the agency will take a small percentage off your bill. The reasoning is simple. They know they’ll get paid on time and in full.

2. Up-front payment discount

Rather than monthly payments, many insurers offer customers the opportunity to pay their premium in full. If a customer agrees, the insurer will often reduce the cost of the premium - sometimes substantially.

3. Advance-purchase discount

Not as popular as the automatic- and up-front payment option is the advance-purchase discount. In this scenario, insurers pass along savings to the customer if the customer renews their existing policy a week or two early. The hope is this keeps customers from shopping for a new policy.

Discounts Based on Education

4. Good-student discount

Got a teen on your bill? Feeling the pinch of those higher premiums? More than 75 percent of insurers offer a good-student discount. If your teen is pulling a 3.0 GPA or better, you likely qualify for this discount.

5. Advanced-degree discount

Oh, and if you went on to earn your master’s degree or a Ph.D.? There is a small chance your Denver insurance agency will give you a discount for that, as well.

Discounts Based on Your Lifestyle

6. Low annual mileage discount

Live close enough to work to walk or bike? Have a car you only drive on the weekends? If for any reason you drive fewer miles than the national average, about 15,000 miles a year, you may be entitled to a discount. Insurers understand that customers who drive fewer miles are less likely to get into an accident and file a claim. Those customers are rewarded for minimal driving.

7. Marriage discount

Statistics show that married couples are typically safer drivers than single drivers. So when you’re back from your honeymoon, make sure you call your insurance agency and take advantage of that discount. Civil unions often count, as well.

8. Homeownership

Leave it to statistics to show that homeowners are often safer drivers, too. Call your agent to see if you qualify for a discount. Even better, consider bundling your home and auto insurance for an even deeper discount.

9. Membership discounts

If you belong to a club or association, like AARP or your university alumni association, check to see if you are eligible for any discounts. Insurers partner with these organizations to gain access to potential customers. In return, they offer those potential customers discounts to join. If you’re already a member, you should enjoy that discount as well.

You may qualify for any or all of these discounts. Call your insurance agency to find out which they offer.