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Ethical hacking for initiating awareness

Shubhi Gupta Shubhi Gupta , 2/13/2018
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In the past few decades, the world of technology has reached new heights and measures. Social networking sites have gained immense popularity that it has spelled a doom over the ancient activities that kept people involved. Facebook is now one of the top most social platforms that brings people together and connects them from various parts of the world. No matter how far a person or a friend is, Facebook provides one with all the updates, posts, status and pictures and hence the distance is never felt.

People stay so connected that the soul’s starts losing the actual connection and emotional bonding and cravings starts to refuse its survival. Water is mandatory of life on earth but excessive water can be a reason for putting an end to these lives as well. This brings us to a fact that anything in excess is harmful. Social networking is good for people. Apps and web sites like Facebook is a nice platform for connecting with friends and family overseas but then the excessive use of it can be harmful for people.

Especially for the newbies and youngsters who are introduced to the internet and social networking before the proper age, these social connections with strangers can be really harmful. No matter how one trains the children about the rights and the wrongs, the bad things in the world tends to put a greater impression upon these soft and delicate brains when compared to the good things. Hence, keeping the delicate minds away from internet scams can be a really difficult job for the parents at times.

Using a particular thing or using a social networking site is not a big deal but knowing the right use of the same and using it in the proper way is important. Internet frauds, fake profiles, misuse of data and information are some topics that are flooding the news almost every day. One must not avoid it. One must learn from the mistakes of others and it is the duty of the parents to aware their children of the same.

It is good to talk about such stuffs at home so that the children can feel free to talk about anything and everything with their parents if needed. Parents might feel the need to get deep in to the conversation that their kids are having online. In order to know howto hack someones facebook messages one can surf online for the various available apps that provides one with the ease of reading messages of some other user when required. These apps are not meant for violating the privacy of any person but then are meant for people who do not have a second option other than hacking the messages.

Some people does not feel comfortable in sharing things with friends and family and they get in to a mess and these apps can help the parents to know the matter completely if it is related to the social media. Keylogger and discrete investigation are the two popular software that helps in tracking the Facebook messages.