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How To Write A Business Plan for Internal Use

A business plan is an important part of strategic planning for a venture. Below is a sample of a business plan created by Essayshark company, where you can obtain custom essays and other academic papers from the best professional writers. Using this sample can guide an individual through the business writing process.

I. Summary

A. Executive summary

Ninth Prospect is a company that provides expert business services to individuals and companies. The company is divided into two divisions: (1) business services and (2) training services. Business services is marketing research, project-based consulting, research reports, business and marketing plans, writing and planning consulting, company registration and high-level retainer consulting. Training services includes seminars and workshops related to topics such as marketing and sales, as well as training of sales and marketing personnel, receptionists, secretaries, etc.

B. Ninth Prospect Mission Statement

We provide high-quality business services and training in support of developing businesses, at the best value, in collaboration with our employees, clients, and stakeholders.

C. Ninth Prospect Strategic Goals

Leveraging Ninth Prospect to create a dynamic learning company that supports excellence in business services.
Providing effective and reliable business training systems and business solutions.
Providing balanced management of information and technology.

II. General Information

A. Target Market

Ninth Prospect is dedicated to providing services to businesses and individuals looking for opportunities to increase their marketing and management potential for success.

B. Services

Ninth Prospect provides a large variety of business services and training for different types of businesses, from helping entrepreneurs compose business plans to creating training campaigns for their employees. Our services fall into two major categories, which are:

  • Business Services: Ninth Prospect helps entrepreneurs with documentation, research and consulting. Furthermore, Ninth Prospect offers expertise in areas such as profit modeling to assist businesses with planning in today's market.

  • Business Training: Ninth Prospect has a staff of professionals with extensive experience in marketing and sales in different fields. Training programs include seminars and workshops.

C. Opportunities and Threats

Opportunities include the number of start-ups established each year in the U.S. Most of these entrepreneurs have little experience in creating business strategies or marketing researches necessary to bring their businesses to success. In addition, new enterprises need a strong team of professionals, and one of the best ways to have such a team is to train employees.
Threats include successful businesses that provide business services and training and needing funding to build a reputation as a professional consultant.

III. Market Analysis

A. Market Segmentation

Ninth Prospect is focused on local start-ups and established businesses looking for professional business services and training.
The most important groups are start-ups and small businesses. These are run by aspiring entrepreneurs seeking business services to help them expand their businesses. They lack experience and are ready to invest time and money in developing their businesses to ensure future profits.Large and medium corporations are another important market segment looking for training projects for their employees. These companies will call on Ninth Prospect for professional consulting to teach their employees new trends in sales and marketing.

B. Main Competitors

Different companies operate in the Chicago area that classify themselves as “business consultants.” According to our researches, it appears the majority of these companies are secretarial and bookkeeping services companies. There are several companies that provide services similar to Ninth Prospect, but none of them specialize in marketing and sales training. Following are some of our main competitors:

  1. Management consulting firms

  2. Business consultancy firms

  3. Attorneys and accounting firms

IV. Strategy

A. Business Objectives

The business objectives of Ninth Prospect:

  • Attract, retain, integrate, and motivate the highest quality management, personnel and
  • contractors.
  • Develop the highest quality business services and training to attract and retain new clients.
  • Successfully execute our business strategies.

B. Business Strategies.

Ninth Prospect has a strategy divided into three parts:

  1. Professional Consultants Expansion: New consultants in other cities will increase the skill base of the Ninth Prospect team and provide a more positive attitude towards clients through the services.

  2. New Services Implementation: Client needs are constantly rising. New specialists will bring new experiences and ideas for new services. One possible new service is planning the operations of businesses overseas.

  3. Business Operations Development: The goal is to create an association with venture capital firms to help make their businesses successful.

C. Marketing Strategy

Ninth Prospect’s marketing efforts will be directed toward executing company strategies of building awareness and driving clients to the company. The combination of strong marketing and partnerships is expected to result in many clients becoming loyal and repeat customers. Ninth Prospect expects to use a variety of marketing tools including newspaper advertising, public relations, key strategic alliances, and affiliate marketing programs to drive new clients. The Ninth Prospect forecasts 50 clients in the next year. The marketing mix is defined with channels, communication, and costs that will be associated with the services of Ninth Prospect.

Pricing Strategy: A fixed pricing structure is the best way to simplify client billing. The standard pricing structure will be changed into hourly fees and estimates. The pricing structure will be based on $100/hour multiplied by the number of hours our most experienced consultant will need to finish the project.
Distribution Strategy: Initial focus is on the Chicago area, which was recently rated #1 on the list of the best areas for small businesses in Finance Magazine. Additionally, the expansion areas are Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, IL. These are new places for new consultants.

Promotion Strategy: Participation in the Illinois Chapter of the Council for Entrepreneurial Development will result in making new contacts with small business resources in the area, small business founders and venture capitalists. This will also improve our relationships with local newspapers, and every communication will reinforce our advantages, such as:

  • Focusing on helping businesses find the right direction
  • Actionable, practical business strategy and marketing help
  • Local presence for minimization and availability of costs

V. Financial Plan

The success of Ninth Prospect is limited by the amount of time and effort the company spends on managing growth and finding new clients. Initial expenses are connected to the market. They consist of advertising expenses, sales and marketing literature, and function expenses including lunches with interested representatives of venture capitals. Our strategies expenses will be high in the implementation stage.

VI. Sales Forecast

The short-term 2014 income forecast report shows Ninth Prospect to complete ten projects, averaging 120 hours each during 2014. The 20 projects averaging 240 hours are expected in 2015. Also, additional researches are needed for determining the quantity of consultants and venture capitals joining the company. Note: “projects” are not similar to “clients.” One client may require multiple projects.

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