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Pearl bracelets have a beautiful and simple way of expressing your love and dearness

Simple Tips to Make Your Pearl Bracelet Shopping Enjoyable

Marina Pal Marina Pal , 8/1/2017
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When you look for jewelry pieces that can add both elegance and simplicity to your attire, then you find cultured pearls an easy choice. Pearl jewelry makes any lady feel beautiful and happy.    

Pearl bracelets have a beautiful and simple way of expressing your love and dearness if you choose them as a gift. They look classy and are versatile means a woman can wear it with workday outfit or display it with fancy cocktail dress.

Buying Guide for Pearl Bracelet

Below are some tips to makes your purchase of pearl bracelet simple.

•    Pearl Type

Bracelets can be easily customized as per your requirement. You can choose between freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls. Natural pearls are rare and expensive. Natural and cultured ones are available in different shapes, hues, and size. If you are a spiritual kind of person then choose a shade that suits your horoscope. There are different pearl types ideal for using on a bracelet including the Tahitian pearl, golden south sea pearl, white south sea pearls, freshwater pearls, Japanese akoya pearls, etc.

•    Length

Customize the length of the bracelet according to the size of your wrist. In general, the standard bracelet size that is 7” will fit almost all women’s wrist. If you are not sure select the one that stretches. Cuff bracelets can be considered as they slide easily and fit the wrist of any woman. Even bracelets with hinge are very easy to wear.

•    Style

If you are looking for affordability and versatility in the bracelet then single stranded ones are the right and the best option. You can even go with the bracelets with two strands, if you love adding some dramatic statement to your attire. Link bracelets designed from silver chains have pearls dangling, which look quirky but teenagers adore them.

Pearl bracelets having intricate metalwork and gemstones are glittery and extravagant.

Purchasing a pearl bracelet for you or for your dear one, no matter what your choice is, look for the bracelets that can add extra marks to your style quotient every time you wear them.

•    Clasp

Clasp is a crucial feature on gold pearl bracelet. Make sure that the clasps include safety mechanism and are functioning well. It ensures that your bracelet never gets lost. The clasp needs to look uniform on the bracelet. Make sure to buy quality pearls that suit your lifestyle, fashion preference, and current wardrobe.