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Tips to keep your tires in tip top shape!

Joel Austin Joel Austin , 1/22/2014
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A&A Insurance, AL, TiresLet's face it, everyone (including me) would be completely lost without my car.  In fact, for the last 3 weeks I have been without my own car and I hated every minute of it.  We are completely dependent on our cars.  We take it in for regular maintenance including oil changes, milestone inspections and checking all of the fluids.  We also need to include tire maintenance to that list.   We have devised a list of tire safety and maintenance tips for you:
  1. Under pressure.  Check your tire pressure once a month to make sure that your tires are properly filled.  If your tires are filled as they should be you will get more evenly wear out of them.  Under inflation is also the leading cause of tire-related accidents.
  2. Give your tires a check up.  Check for any abnormal wear and/or damages. Any mis-alignment or steering problems can be found with abnormal wear as well as under inflation.  Look for signs of punctures or embedded debris from the roadways.
  3. Rotate  your tires.  Look at your owner's manual for the suggested mileage.
  4. Balance your tires.  Tires that are out of balance will create uneven tread.
  5. Your steering and suspension need to be properly aligned.  If not properly aligned, that could cause your tire's tread to wear unevenly and reduce the usage of your tire.
  6. Keep your load light.  Too much weight on a tire can create a structural damage as well as wearing down your tread.
  7. Don't burn rubber.  That will heat your tires which can reduce the life of your tire or worse.  Some other ways that can overheat your tires are include under inflation, coarse roadways, speed and heavy loads can all over heat your tires.
  8. Replace your tires, don't put it off.  The longer you wait to replace your tires, the better the chance you have of a blow out.
  9. Purchase the set.  Not only is purchasing all 4 tires at the same time cheaper, it's better for the life of your tire.
  10. Make sure you have the right tire for your drive.  If you are off-roading don't settle for road tires, get the tires you need specifically for off-roading.
We hope this helps you.  Did you also know that proper maintenance of your vehicle can also impact your auto insurance?  Give us a call today at 256-489-9735 for more information. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.