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A&A Insurance, located in Huntsville, AL is happy to offer a wide range of insurance products that meet your budget and your changing needs. We aim to be your single source for insurance and business planning right in your home town. We have access to the major top carriers in the US and we hope to make your search for affordable insurance a successful one! Serving all of Alabama, A&A Insurance is dedicated to offering you the very best customer care.

The Basics of Insurance for Long Haul Truckers

Joel Austin Joel Austin , 5/7/2014
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A&A Insurance, AL, Long haul truckingAs a trucker, especially a long-haul driver, finding the right commercial auto insurance for yourself (or perhaps an entire fleet operation), is a very serious concern. If you are based in, or working around the Huntsville, AL area, you have a number of options available to you. Before you choose your policy, spend some time looking over the available coverage and talk with an expert in long haul trucking insurance. Then you can rest assured you have a policy that covers all your needs. Building a Long Haul Trucking Insurance Policy One important thing to remember when obtaining long-haul trucker insurance is that you may need several different types of insurance to adequately cover yourself and your business needs. Some of the types of insurance we offer include:
  • Truck Liability Insurance – This type of business auto insurance is mandated in most states and federally. It protects you by paying for the costs of damage to another vehicle, person or property if you are involved in an at-fault accident.
  • General Liability Insurance – Depending on what type of route you run, this may be a necessity. This covers you from other types of liability issues. This could include accidents that someone has on your property, accidents sustained while loading or unloading or perhaps issues involving a breach of contract.
  • Collision Insurance – This commercial car insurance product protects your vehicle from damaged caused to it due to an at-fault accident.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle due to forces of nature or if you truck is lost or stolen.
  • Motor Cargo Insurance – As a transporter of freight, you may have to assume responsibility for cargo under your control. Motor cargo insurance can protect you in case the load is damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Bonds and Workers Compensation Insurance – If you have others working for you, or you are working for a trucking firm, you may need to look into what is available in terms of bonds and workers compensation insurance. This is important to protect the driver and the hiring company as well.
Purchasing the right insurance for your operation is vital, so let us help you. We specialize in complete long-haul trucking insurance coverage as well as packaged solutions for your company's needs. With years of experience working with Huntsville, AL truckers, we understand the trucking industry and know what you need to maintain mandated coverage and put together a risk management program that will protect you today and into the future. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.