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A&A Insurance, located in Huntsville, AL is happy to offer a wide range of insurance products that meet your budget and your changing needs. We aim to be your single source for insurance and business planning right in your home town. We have access to the major top carriers in the US and we hope to make your search for affordable insurance a successful one! Serving all of Alabama, A&A Insurance is dedicated to offering you the very best customer care.

Paying too much for auto insurance?

Joel Austin Joel Austin , 7/1/2014
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A&A Insurance, AL, Auto InsuranceTo paraphrase President Barack Obama, if you are still feeling the effects of the economic recession, then the recession is not over for you. And chances are good that you might be among those who are still trying to pinch every penny and save money wherever and whenever they can. But have you thought about saving on your car insurance? Car insurance premiums represent a significant chunk of your income each year, so it only makes sense that you should make sure that you are not paying too much for necessary coverage. If you are not getting some of these car insurance discounts, then you are likely paying more than you should: Safe driver who obeys traffic laws? The No. 1 determining factor when your car insurance premiums are being calculated is your driving history and the driving history of other drivers on your policy. In fact, many insurers appreciate a good driver so much that they are willing to knock 10% off the cost of your insurance for having a clean driving record. Now that’s significant! Are you an older driver? Drivers older than 50 are often eligible for many discounts on their car insurance. More and more companies are rewarding older drivers for their experience behind the wheel. Have you taken a defensive driving course? Defensive driving courses can help you to become a better, safer driver, and your car insurance company knows this. If you can provide proof of taking a qualified defensive driving course, you can score additional savings. Is your teen driver on the honor roll at her school? Students who make good grades might be eligible for a discount, as can those students who take a driver’s education course. It pays to be smart! Is your car equipped with special features? Airbags, daytime running lights, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices are just some of the equipment that might qualify you for savings. Compare Auto Insurance Rates and Save Even More Other than qualifying for discounts on your car insurance, you can also reduce the cost of your car insurance by comparing rates with top companies. The quickest and most efficient way to compare rates is to contact our professional insurance agents. Many drivers find that they are able to save 30% or more off the cost of car insurance if it’s been a while since their last review. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.