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Trucking Insurance Facts for Truckers in Alabama

Joel Austin Joel Austin , 9/24/2014
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TruckAs a truck driver in Alabama, there are high expectations that you need to meet or exceed. Truck drivers are held to a higher code of conduct than passenger vehicle drivers. Driving and operating a truck require more skill and expertise than a passenger vehicle. Alabama truck drivers need to have a high amount of liability coverage, especially if they are new to the job. As far as premiums are concerned, your driving routes determine how much you pay. Although trucking insurance can become expensive, being underinsured can cause a major financial loss if you are involved in an accident. Premium Ratings A trucker's premium rate is based on the type of equipment you operate. Whether you drive a refrigerated truck, standard flat bed, or large semi significantly impacts your premium. Being fully insured will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your truck are covered in the event of a mishap. Coverage As a truck driver, you need to consider many different coverage types, such as: • Physical damage • Cargo • General liability • Truck liability Physical Damage: Physical damage coverage is insurance for your truck in the event it sustains damage. The two different parts of physical damage coverage includes collision and comprehension. Collision coverage insures your truck if it collides into someone's property or vehicle. Comprehensive coverage insures you for the remaining incidents that can occur. When you are considering physical damage coverage, consider the actual cash value, deductible, and the stated amount. Cargo Insurance: Cargo insurance covers the freight or commodity your truck is carrying if it is damaged. It it is lost or sustains damages, cargo insurance covers these instances. Consider removal expenses and earned freight coverage when you are considering cargo insurance. General Liability: General liability covers you if you cause someone bodily harm, damage someone's property, and other situations that may occur. Truck Liability: Truck liability insurance is the most expensive type of coverage for a trucker. Injuries that you, other people, or property endure as a result of a trucking accident is covered by truck liability. Content provided by Transformer Marketing. Source:,