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I would like to take a moment to introduce myself – I am Karla Leonard-David, CEO of IMI Asset Management Company. I hold a double B.A. in Business Economics and Art History. IMI Stands for Investment Management International and was originally founded in 1995. In 2012, IMI went through a complete transformation. That transformation included implementing a complete social media presence. I have designed and write an educational blog that is posted to my personal and company Facebook and LinkedIn pages. These articles are a tool to inform and educate on financial planning topics. The biggest part of that transformation occurred when IMI became a full service asset management company. IMI has partnered with Jerry Vines, MBA, EA and the Law Office of Sharon Morff, to offer a fully engaged estate planning package, designed specifically to your goals. Most people do not have a solid financial plan. A reason for this is that most lack insight into what is going on in the financial industry. I realize that the process of creating a strategy for retirement can feel pretty intimidating which is why I am constantly searching for new materials, whether they are videos, articles or just questions and answers to share with everyone. IMI Asset Management Company is focused on the belief that our customers’ needs are first. I am committed to meeting those needs. I am a firm believer of the personal touch, which is so lost in today’s world. As a result, a high percentage of IMI’s business is from repeat client business and referrals. IMI Asset Management Company was selected in 2012 by the USCA as the recipient of the Best of Rancho Cucamonga Awards in Financial Planning. We want you to be able to assess, from these insights, your financial portfolio to ascertain that it is aligned with your ultimate goals for your retirement and passing your estate probate free down to your heirs. We strive to make sure you evade the costliness that can result from poor planning. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best individual and personalized service in the industry in helping you obtain your goals. We invite you to come “join” our IMI Family.

Have you checked your MIB file?

Karla Leonard Karla Leonard , 4/2/2014
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IMI Asset Management Company, CA, Medical databaseNo, we're not talking about what The Men in Black might have on you. The MIB Group keeps records of every applicant for an individual Life, Health, Critical Illness, Disability, or Long-Term Care policy to some 470 U.S and Canadian participating insurance companies during the past seven years. MIB (originally the Medical Information Bureau) maintains this database to ensure underwriting standards that curb fraud. For example, if one insurance company rejects an applicant because of a congestive condition and he or she "forgets" to mention this diagnosis when applying to a second company, the person's report would raise a red flag. When you apply for coverage, the insurer will have MIB send you a pre-release notice and authorization for release of your report to sign and return, together with your application. Your report does not contain detailed medical records - just codes that identify medical conditions or tests which might affect underwriting your policy. However, MIB specifically prohibits companies from relying solely on the report to make a coverage decision. You're entitled to one free report a year - don't fall for online scams that try to charge you for this information! To receive your copy, call (866) 692-6901 and provide proof of identity (name, address, DOB, Social Security number, etc. If you think information in your file is incorrect, you can send a written dispute to MIB, which will investigate the discrepancy. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.