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I would like to take a moment to introduce myself – I am Karla Leonard-David, CEO of IMI Asset Management Company. I hold a double B.A. in Business Economics and Art History. IMI Stands for Investment Management International and was originally founded in 1995. In 2012, IMI went through a complete transformation. That transformation included implementing a complete social media presence. I have designed and write an educational blog that is posted to my personal and company Facebook and LinkedIn pages. These articles are a tool to inform and educate on financial planning topics. The biggest part of that transformation occurred when IMI became a full service asset management company. IMI has partnered with Jerry Vines, MBA, EA and the Law Office of Sharon Morff, to offer a fully engaged estate planning package, designed specifically to your goals. Most people do not have a solid financial plan. A reason for this is that most lack insight into what is going on in the financial industry. I realize that the process of creating a strategy for retirement can feel pretty intimidating which is why I am constantly searching for new materials, whether they are videos, articles or just questions and answers to share with everyone. IMI Asset Management Company is focused on the belief that our customers’ needs are first. I am committed to meeting those needs. I am a firm believer of the personal touch, which is so lost in today’s world. As a result, a high percentage of IMI’s business is from repeat client business and referrals. IMI Asset Management Company was selected in 2012 by the USCA as the recipient of the Best of Rancho Cucamonga Awards in Financial Planning. We want you to be able to assess, from these insights, your financial portfolio to ascertain that it is aligned with your ultimate goals for your retirement and passing your estate probate free down to your heirs. We strive to make sure you evade the costliness that can result from poor planning. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best individual and personalized service in the industry in helping you obtain your goals. We invite you to come “join” our IMI Family.

The Italians want to play at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Karla Leonard Karla Leonard , 4/9/2014
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IMI Asset Management Co, CA, Renassaince FaireThe fantasy of another place and time is merely a freeway away when the Renaissance Pleasure Faire opens at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale on Saturday. Visitors to the event can enjoy watching jousting, musicians and dancers, artists at work and more, but they can also actively participate in their adventure. “We get an audience that doesn’t just pay to come see us, they actually pay, many of them, not all of them, to come to see us and potentially be brought into our reality,” said Jeffrey Gray of Claremont, a member of the guild of the Florentines of San Lorenzo at the festival. “We provide a departure from everything that they’re used to in their everyday life. We are the ultimate escape from reality.” Gray plays the fictional, but historically plausible doctor Don Salvatore Giovanni de Malatesti, whose services are dedicated to the House of the d’Medici. The d’Medici was a wealthy and powerful family that really existed during the Renaissance. Gray’s guild portrays a group of wealthy, noble Italians visiting Port Deptford, the setting of the faire, during its festivities celebrating Queen Elizabeth. San Lorenzo’s leader is also interested in courting the young queen. We are very proud, we are very pretty, our costumes are very fancy and we carry ourselves very formally,” Gray said. This is the second season for Gray in the Italian guild and his 10th year participating in the faire. Previously he was a monger (street merchant) vending ragged clothing as part of the membership of St. Swithins’ Guild. Gray encourages visitors to the Renaissance Faire not to be afraid to interact with the shire’s residents, including the seemingly haughty Italians — they’re actually quite friendly. “If you’re really going to have the best time possible you’re going to do a certain degree of performing yourself. Don’t worry about the quality of that performance, just worry about having it be fun,” Gray said. Content provided by