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Providing business owners and families with the innovative advice, guidance and solutions since 1959. McVey Insurance – located in California’s Central Valley, is one of the leaders in Personal, Commercial and Life Insurance products. Your business and your personal assets are priceless. That knowledge is at the forefront of our hearts and minds while we assist every client to make the most important protection decisions of their lives. The lowest price isn’t always the right price, but we make sure you find the most competitive solution the insurance marketplace has to offer – always. You’ll be able to move forward with trust and confidence that the insurance solution we recommend for your family or business, will be the one that’s right for your needs. Are You A Business Owner looking for Competitive Insurance? Whether you’re looking for workers compensation insurance, commercial auto coverage, general liability or professional liability for your business, McVey Insurance is committed to finding you affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage, never compromising on protection or quality. You’re never just a number to us – and when you need your insurance coverage to respond, it’s like having family in the business. Looking For Personal Insurance? We have strong relationships with the most competitive carriers you’ll find anywhere. These strong relationships help us get you the valuable protection you need, and the fast – responsive claims handling service you expect when you need us most. Whether it be life insurance, a personal automobile policy, or health insurance in Central California, our experienced agents will take care of you – like we have for thousands of others since 1959. McVey Insurance – We’re Always At Our Best.

Can you choose to be happy?

James Mcvey James Mcvey , 12/11/2013
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McVey Insurance, CA, HappinessHappiness is not elusive.  In fact, it's pretty easy to attain.  Follow the steps below to happiness.
  1. Take time to just breathe.  In this crazy world, we are trying cram 1,000 things into our lives.  The one thing we really need to do is take 15-20 minutes out of your day and just sit and meditate and breathe.
  2. Sitting down all day.  It’s no secret that sitting down all the time isn’t healthy.  It restricts blood flow, doesn’t burn any or very little calories, and increases your chance of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Be a social butterfly.  People with strong social connections tend to be much happier.  That’s what life is all about, so get connected.
  4. Join a spiritual community.  Religion has played a huge role in a person’s happiness by offering a place to share their struggles and joys.   Not holding onto life’s stressors and giving them over to a higher power releases stress and anxiety.
  5. Feed your creativity.  Take the time out and paint a picture, write a story, enjoy an art museum, whatever feeds your creative soul.
  6. Get outside!  Not getting fresh air can make a person grumpy.  Just ask any of the kids today that never leave their X-Box.  They are cramped, unhappy and need to get out and play.
  7. Love your job or quit.  When you have a job that you love, you’ll be happier.  Considering you have to spend 8 hours of your day at your vocation.
  8. The more the merrier!  Italians love to eat together and they know that eating together makes people happy.
  9. Believe in yourself!  You deserve happiness, yes, it’s for you.  Believe that you are entitled to be happy.  Because you are entitled to have joy in your life.
So go on and choose to be happy! Content provided by Transformer Marketing.