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Guest posting on finance and marketing

Meet Your New Favorite Marketing Strategy – Guest Blogging

Elanora Brown Elanora Brown , 7/31/2018
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In concurrent digital landscape, you need all hands on deck to find the right marketing strategy for your small business. This means getting more creative with design, link building, content creation, paid advertisements, and social media. A recent study found that 57.6% of small and medium-sized business owners plan to invest in a higher quality website. And for many, boosting their blog is part of this. Blogging has long been a critical part of search engine marketing, and there is no doubt that blogging works. So, how can you take your blogging and content marketing to the next level? Guest posting service may be the solution you’ve been looking for. This digital marketing strategy is extremely effective in widening your audience and pushing your content further out into the web. You just need to do it well. Take the following steps to find guest blogging opportunities and execute them effectively.



1: Find the right blogging opportunity


This may seem like the most intimidating step, but with the right networks, you can find a compatible blog to post your content. One of the best ways to start is with a targeted web search. Search for blogs that share a similar audience, have a high domain rating, and published quality content in the past year. Social media can also be a useful tool for finding blogs, since bloggers are generally quite active.



2: Choose a relevant topic


Once you find potential blogs, it’s time to choose the right topic. While you should think about your own business’s focus, the topic may not be in line with what you would post on your own blog. You want to curate your pitch to the host blog’s audience and theme. So, adjust slightly without completely sacrificing your brand.



3: Pitch a quality post


Remember that today’s web users want to read engaging content that will teach them something. Try to make your post as informative as possible. Consider adding an infographic or other multimedia to really boost the post’s effectiveness. Make sure that any links to your site fit naturally in the post, since you likely don’t want readers to know that they are reading marketing copy. Once you have a great piece of content, reach out to the bloggers on your list to see if they would be interesting in sharing the story with their audience.



4: Share and promote


Marketing data shows that 41% of local businesses depend on social media networks to drive revenue. Your blog posts are no exception. Once you’ve found a blog that will publish your guest post, share your post widely on social media, and hopefully others in your network will do the same. This is a mutually beneficial step that should be appreciated by the blogger you’re working with. Sharing the piece could also help you find more guest blogging service, which could make your link building strategy even more effective.



5: Keep up the blogging relationship


If you like what your analytics showed, keep up a relationship with the host blog. You may be interested in writing another guest blog post in the future, or perhaps you can collaborate with the blogger on another project. This is a form of digital networking, so do what you can to keep the connection. Remember: your success online depends on the number of positive connections you can make with other influencers.