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Take a Glimpse at Some of the Highly Advanced Features of CDN

The content distribution networks which are also referred to as content delivery networks are indeed the large networks of specialized servers, distributed geographically. These networks are responsible for accelerating the delivery of varied web contents as well as rich media to the devices having Internet connection. If you’re aware of CDN, it’s apparent that you’ll know about its primary benefits. However, it is for you to know that CDN comes with varied advanced features as well that you can utilize to take content delivery to the subsequent level. Certain features can enable you to harden the security on CDN, lower the costs by curbing bandwidth theft as well as reduce the load on the origin server.

Advanced features of the content delivery network

Some of the many advanced features of content delivery network include:

    X-Pull Key

This feature enables a person to control traffic to his/ her CDN. There are varied reasons why an individual might like to do this:

1.    An individual may like to rate the limit bandwidth on the origin server.

2.    A person may want to ensure that every individual is making use of CDN exclusively for improved performance and for not linking the traffic to the server directly.

3.    Consider creating custom logic on the origin server.

4.    Curb access to the visible URLs of CDN.

5.    Distinguish the KeyCDN traffic completely from other visitors on the origin server.

    Zonereferrer- Curb CDN Bandwidth Theft

Zonereferrer or hotlink protection is indeed the fastest and the quickest methods to curb bandwidth theft. However, when talked about hotlinking, it is significant for you to know that it refers to a person that links directly to one’s images on his/her own server. It means, when an individual visits the website, it is bound to load the pictures from the individual’s CDN, taking up his/her bandwidth and costing the person money.


By allowing the hotlink protection requests and that too without the HTTP referrer field aren’t permitted to access any of your assets. In case they try, your assets would show up fragmented on their respective servers generating 403 error in header section.

    Secure Token

Secure Token enables a person to generate the secured links with expiration time. Once the token has expired, accessing the content would become difficult. Unlike the other providers, the KeyCDN offers secure token completely free with each account.

The other features include Origin Shield to lessen the load on the origin server, Cache-Control in order to speed up the Access, Logging for digging much deeper into the data, HTTP Live streaming and lot more. In accordance with wiki CDN, there are additional ways to take the content delivery network or CDN to the subsequent level. Controlling the CDN traffic, making use of secure token, tweaking the cache control settings as well as speeding up the distribution of video contents along with HLS are some of the many ways by which one can attain the above-mentioned task.

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