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How to Estimate the Cost of Moving In NYC

Irrespective of whether you are moving within the city of New York or coming into New York from some other place, the cost of moving can be quite high. But there are ways and means to get value for money and also bring down the moving costs to some extent. The whole thing depends on how well you are able to negotiate both in terms of cost and services rendered by the movers and packers chosen.

Estimating the cost of moving in NYC


There are several factors which have an influence on the cost of moving in NYC. The most important factors which play an active role in the calculation of the cost estimates for moving in New York are:


·         Before estimation requirements: Before going into any sort of cost calculation, it is important to know for sure certain things like:


o   Distance between the two places


The greater the distance between the two places, the more will be the cost and vice versa. Hence the calculation of the distance between the two places has to be calculated accurately.


o   If storage is required


There are two instances wherein the need for storage arises:


§  An apartment for staying has as yet not been finalised or

§  The apartment which has been sublet or taken on lease is not yet ready for possession.


In both the cases, the need to store the transferred things is felt. This storage is generally taken care of by the movers and packers who store the things in their own warehouse and charge a fixed amount for it. This amount is again dependent on the number of days for which this facility is needed by the customer.

o   Packing and unpacking


It is always better to entrust the company chosen with the responsibility of both packing and unpacking of the boxes. This might incur some additional cost but will again do away with the hassle and stress involved in first packing and then unpacking the boxes.


o   Insurance


When you move from one place to another, you place the responsibility of your things on a company that you select. But there are times when some items get damaged either due to negligence on the part of the company or due to theft or any other factor. In these cases it is important for you to avail the services of that company who will take out insurance for your goods. This will not only save you from losing a lot of money but also ensure that you have a stress free move. But this too might incur an increase in cost.


o   Number of boxes


The numbers of boxes that need to be transported too have a bearing on the total cost estimation of the move and should also be taken into account.


o   Ease of access


The ease with which the loading and unloading can be carried out at the initial and final destination respectively also influences the cost with difficult to access places incurring heavier costs than the ones which are easy to access.


·         Comparison of movers


Cost estimates and a list of services rendered must be taken from three or more movers. These should be compared o a one to one basis before getting a rough estimate about the estimation cost. Some of the movers might also put up their basic services and rates on the websites maintained by them. Opting for these movers like  will save time in estimating the cost.


·         Rates charged


Generally there are two types of rates charged by the movers when moving from one place to another. This differentiation depends on the initial and final destination of the mover. The two different types of rates are:


o   Hourly rates


These are charged by movers when the movement of goods is within the New York City i.e. when you plan to mover locally within NYC. This takes into consideration the total time that will be required to


§  Pack the household things,

§  Load them in the carrier vans,

§  Transport them to their final destination,

§  Unloading of the packed goods and

§  Unpacking them at the destination.


o   Weight rate


This rate is taken into account when moving from a different state into NYC. Herein the weight of the goods transported determines the total cost of moving in NYC. This can prove to be a slightly expensive affair since the cumulative weight of all the furniture, utensils, accessories, decorative items etc., put together can amount to quite a lot. One way to split the cost would be to initially transport only those things which are urgently required and put the rest into storage to be transported at a later date.

There are several instances wherein discounts are also offered by these movers and packers. This can be because of a contract that the movers have with your company or even because you are shifting during a time of the year which they consider the lean period of business etc. Taking advantage of these discounts can bring down the transportation costs to some extent and hence should be taken into consideration and discussed with the movers and packers before giving them the contract.

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