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Selling Vintage Items Online: Alternatives To eBay

Simon Hopes Simon Hopes , 7/26/2017
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If you told someone that they would be able to compete against a giant like eBay, they would have just brushed off your comment and move past it 10 years ago. If you are into the creation of custom-made products, precious jewelry or any unique items, you would find yourself selling your creations at flea markets. You can also sell it on eBay to increase the number of prospects you had but it is not a good marketplace for handmade items. It was unimaginable for anybody to shop anywhere else for handmade products besides at eBay and at flea markets.

What are the challenges to for eBay vintage item sellers?

However, anyone who has shopped on eBay understands the difficulty of navigating through the listings. This is especially even more so when they are searching for any vintage items online. A simple search such as a “vintage cup” will return more than 100,000 outcomes and very few of them are vintage items. The booming popularity of eBay has caused many individuals to rival authentic vintage items dealers. This ranges from junk resellers to mass manufacturers selling knockoff vintage items online.

Seeing the massive problem here, Etsy established itself in 2005 and has then created a good reputation for themselves. It is an alternate market which is specifically devoted to the purchase of handmade products which also includes vintage items. Without all the hassle of going through low quality listings, vendors using this website to sell products online including vintage items will have a better chance to be visible among the competition because they are exposed to a specific target market. Therefore, if you are a seller searching where to sell vintage items online, Etsy is a place that you should check out. However, Etsy is still pales in comparison to eBay’s 300 million entries.

For your convenience, we have reviewed several marketplaces for vendor searching where to sell vintage items online.

1.       Etsy

If you are a crafter, Etsy requires no introduction. More than 875,000 merchants operate store on this platform and over 12.3 million items are available at a time. Browsing this platform for vintage items is simple. There is a list of major groups which will provide you with choices on hand-picked for curated products. Purchasing your vintage items online with this platform is also made easy with a variety of checkout systems that Etsy supports. If you are someone who prefers to purchase from your mobile, you can also download at the on your iPhone and view it through your mobile website through using any other devices.


While there are many people who may think that Etsy is a platform only for handmade products, it also has a list of vintage items you can purchase. What differentiates Etsy from its competition is it showcases many vintage items that you will not see any other website because sellers of vintage items prefer to use Etsy due to its unique customer base. Etsy is the only website in this listing which charges listing fees of 20% per product but these are not significant because you can gain more when you are offering an affordable product. This will also increase the trust of vintage items buyers online because the paid listings ensure that the merchant are serious about selling the vintage items.

2.       Bonanza

Another great platform that sells vintage items online is Bonanza. Although it is generally concentrated on garments and fashion, this platform also has vintage items that you can browse. It has over 4 million listed products which makes it a third of the size of Etsy. This will also mean that your vintage items may have trouble standing out among competition but there are many customers searching for items on this platform. Bonanza is very good for your venture to sell vintage items online.

Your customers also have extensive checkout choices when they want to purchase the vintage items because of the payment gateways that this platform offers. However, when you want to sell your vintage items online, this platform charges a 3.5% closing fee. Sellers on this website will also find it easy to sell vintage items because this platform has a program which will handle creating listings, incorporating meter data such as color, brand name and material information. From a technical point of view, this platform is great for anyone who wants to sell vintage items online because it is user-friendly and professional. While it is relatively new to the e-commerce theme, it is a good platform that vintage items dealer can explore when they want to sell the vintage items online.