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Simon Hopes Simon Hopes , 9/20/2017
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Google+ officially has around 2.2 billion users, more than any other social network. However, this is also from where the negative perceptions stem. These billions of accounts only exist because every Gmail account automatically gets linked to a corresponding Google+ account, so the more accurate fact would be that there are at least millions of Gmail users. Data has shown that 90 percent of Google accounts have never made a single post on Google+, and only around 5 million people interact and post publicly within the platform on a relatively consistent basis.

Through the preceding data, it’s not too difficult to realize why companies view Google+ as such a minor – or even nonexistent – tool when it comes to digital marketing strategies. With the plethora of social media platforms that have surfaced the web, many digital marketers do not want to waste their precious time on one that is not going to generate a positive ROI.

Blue WhaleMedia Ltd are here to tell you that Google+ should not be ignored in your digital marketing strategy. It should have a marketing priority almost as high as platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t believe me? Then let me run through few of the facts that businesses should understand about the platform.

1.     Google+ is An Extension of Gmail

Let’s face it: basically everyone uses Gmail to some extent. It’s the #1 free email service that hit over 900 million users in May of last year – and 75% percent of those users open Gmail on mobile accounts. Those are numbers that businesses can’t possibly ignore.

But wait, why is it important that most users are using Gmail on mobile accounts? Over 60% of consumers use mobile exclusively to make purchase decisions, and that number continuously increases. This is where ecommerce businesses may want to listen up. If you have a strong presence on Google+, you are creating an opportunity to connect with the 75% of 900 million Gmail users through mobile devices, with 60% of them looking to purchase products through those devices. Having a strong Google+ following with great content puts you within arm’s reach of this huge market of potential buyers.

What’s also fortunate is that all Google programs (Gmail, Google+, Google Hangouts) are designed to work together seamlessly, which makes the chance of users stumbling on your profile very likely.

2.     Google+ is NOT a Social Network

The problem that most businesses have with marketing on Google+ is that they attempt to utilize the same strategies that they use for their social media platforms. Google has stated officially that Google+ is not meant to be another social network, and companies shouldn’t treat it that way. A professional web design Warrington agency help utilize Google+ correctly in order to work in conjunction with your website and generate lots more business leads.

More users will view content posted on Google+ rather than engage with it. You will not find yourself building many relationships with customer through Google+ because you just won’t have the same functionality or active user base as social networks. The best way to actually use Google+ as a social network would be to let it be a bridge between your other networks for potential customers to engage with you there. Remember that customers don’t engage much on Google+, so provide interesting content to entice users based on their interests, so they’ll be more likely to engage with you through other forms of media.

3.     Google+ Pages Are Often at the Top of Search Results

Google has full control over the systems that determine what will appear at the top of a search results page. This makes it no surprise that the first thing that users will often see when searching a specific company is their Google+ profile. This makes it very likely that these users will click on that profile without even realizing it, which means that you better have a profile that conveys who you are as a company and one that contains great content, because this may be a potential customer’s first impression of you.

Having a solid profile could also factor in to how Google’s site crawlers perceive your site as a whole. If they see that you have a popular Google+ page and mediocre website search engine optimisation, then your Google+ profile may go above your competition that you wouldn’t otherwise be ahead of.