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Reasons Churches Should Allow Online Giving

Simon Hopes Simon Hopes , 11/30/2017
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Nowadays, people carry less cash and fewer checks are written. More often, they visit their bank accounts online. If the only means your church uses to let people tithe is bypassing the offering plate, then you need to know that everything isn't right. People are still inclined to giving even though their financial practices are going digital. Note that the offering plate shouldn't be omitted just yet, but if growing and prospering is the way your church is heading, online giving should be looked into.


Giving online is not all about survival. There're numerous reasons why individuals choose to give to churches and charity online, and most of these ideas are simply practical. Tithing and giving offerings online helps your congregation in numerous ways, and it generates new chances for your ministry. You can too benefit when your church uses online giving platforms. Here are some of the reason churches should permit online giving:


Online tithing takes fewer steps


Most online-giving platforms let you design an account that helps to save your information. This way, you can set up recurrent transactions so that you can regularly tithe using your bank account or with debit and credits cards. What's more, your congregation will require fewer steps to register, and no one has to visit the bank.


Smartphone tithing is more appropriate


With our earlier reference, people rarely carry cash nowadays. According to a study conducted in 2014 by Bankrate, 59 percent of people keep $50 or less cash on hand. However, more people carry their smartphones while going to church. They still retain some money in their pockets, but more of the funds can be accessed via their smartphones.

People carry their phones with them every time, but it's not easy to move around with a checkbook to bring a single check with you, or to get into a bank to withdrawal and then carry a portion of cash around. Online giving enables your congregation to utilize the tools as often as they want – not just what they have in their pockets.

It's easy to misplace your cash, miscount or even lose


Carrying a lot of cash with you is stressful. It will conveniently slip into the wallet like a credit card; and the moment you start transferring from the bank account to your hands, and then to the offering basket or the church safe, and back to the bank account, cash can be easily mishandled or misplaced.


What's more, unless everyone is giving offerings in denominations of exactly $5, $10, $20, $50 and so forth, the money has to be counted carefully by several people. Even when you're cautious, church staff or members can easily miscount the amount that was given.

Online giving is more secure


Most online giving platforms offer multiple account security steps. This protects a person's information using complicated passwords and giving information whenever their accounts are accessed from other devices. When the church adopts an authorized online giving solution, cash risks reduce.

Online giving platforms today are more diverse than before. You will come across different options/solutions that combine numerous methods to provide the church and the members with more flexibility. The increased use of smartphones makes online giving a compelling solution for the church offering and tithing needs.