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Tips for Buying Quality Business Leads

Simon Hopes Simon Hopes , 12/14/2017
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Buying leads is a controversial matter because there are a lot of lead providers that deliver poor quality leads. So, if you are not careful with this marketing strategy, you can end up losing a lot of time and money. However, if you pick a good lead provider, you can gain access to a considerable amount of quality leads, which will help you boost your sales in a very short time. That being said, here’s what you need to consider when buying business leads:

1. Accuracy

This is the most important fact that determines the quality of your business leads. All lead providers use web scrapers in order to gather data. However, as you may know, information takes a while in order to be visible online, so older data is easier to gather than new, updated data. Ideally, lead providers should check all their leads manually at least once a year, in order to verify the accuracy of the information, and update their data bases. However, you will never know if a company actually does this, so before making any purchases, ask for a demo or a free trial to test the leads yourself.

2. Details

In the b2b environment, it is very important to find leads that actually match your buyer persona. Since no lead provider can guarantee that their leads are relevant to your business, you should look for a solution that allows you to filter the potential customers, and pay only for the ones that match your ideal customer profile. For the most detailed leads, check out Their 2 million business leads come with an abundance of details, such as business titles for the contact persons, company volume of sales, number of employees and even technological preferences. You can use all these details as search criteria in order to narrow down the leads that are most likely to convert for you. You will get access to the full database, but you will only pay for the leads that interest you.

3. Pricing

It is very common for the best business solutions to be quite expensive, thus making them accessible only to big companies. However, there are also some lead providers that offer different pricing options for different business leads. Such is the case of SalesRipe, whose monthly subscription starts from only $49. Moreover, SalesRipe doesn’t force you to a contract, so if you are not satisfied with the results that you are getting, you can cancel your subscription at any time.