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How an Advertising Agency can Help You Grow Your Business

Lena Burkut Lena Burkut , 12/27/2017
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Nowadays, the internet offers each individual the opportunity to gain expert knowledge in any industry. As such, it can be very tempting for a business with a tight budget to handle their own advertising strategy, instead of hiring an agency. However, a reputable agency can offer a great deal of benefits, and they can help you actually achieve your business growth goals within a reasonable time frame. Keep on reading to discover the precise ways in which an advertising agency can help you grow your business.

1. Real results after just a few months
While there are many shady marketing agencies that only sell certain advertising services, without offering any success guarantees, the most reputable agencies will promise and deliver a tangible growth within a few months. Such is the case of Intensify, one of the best advertising agencies Los Angeles. Their strategies focus on driving leads, accelerating sales and attracting new customers, and they always deliver results within the first three months. Moreover, they use a lot of modern tools to monitor their efforts and refine their strategies along the way.

2. Cost advantages
If you are the owner of a small business and your marketing efforts mainly consist in free online advertising, then hiring an agency will be an extra cost for you. However, if you have medium sized business or a big company and you want to put together a special marketing department, you might be able to save some money if you hire an agency instead. Putting together a new department comes with a lot of additional costs, such as administrative costs, training expenses and the costs of buying new software solutions. An advertising agency will absorb a great deal of these costs, and your fee will mostly include the actual marketing services.

3. Professional services
No matter how much you invest in your marketing team, they will never be able to be as good as an agency. First of all, an agency has a lot of experience in different industries. Working with numerous clients helps them understand what works and what doesn’t in each industry. They also have special software solutions for measuring the results of different types of marketing campaigns. Moreover, they have strong relations with local media sources such as newspapers, printing houses and various publishing companies, so they know what strings to pull in order to get the right results.  Last but not least, advertising agencies rely greatly on business referrals, so they put a lot of effort into helping each client achieve their goals.