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At tKg Comp our professional and experienced staff is equipped with nationwide product knowledge, long-term company relationships and workers' compensation expertise that is second to none in the wholesale market. Our results oriented focus is to find you the best market available for all of your workers' compensation clients while at the same time providing you with a world class level of service.

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Todd Pollock Todd Pollock , 5/2/2017
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•   Short and Long Haul
•   Garbage Hauling
•   Emergency/ Non-Emergency Ambulance
•   City and School Buses
•   Limousines
•   Towing
•   Moving and Storage
•   Valet Parking
•   Fuel Oil
•   Pest Control
•   Oil & Gas Processing
•   Sports Facilities
•   Foundries
•   Churches
•   Sign Manufacturing and Erection
•   Investigation and Security
•   Property Management
•   Auto Service and RepairMark
•   Assisted Living
•   Nursing Homes
•   Senior Lliving
•   Hospitals
•   Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation
•   VNA's
•   Home Health Care
•   Doctors and Dentist Offices
•   Roofers
•   Iron/Steel
•   Cell Tower/Wind Turbine Erection and Service
•   Crane Operators
•   Millwrights
•   Drywall
•   Residential
•   Commercial and Industrial Building
•   All Artisans
508-934-7339 [email protected]
•   Restaurants
•   Delivery
•   Bars
•   Hotels/Motels
•   Country Clubs
•   Resorts
•   Heavy and Light
•   All Types
Retail & Wholesale
•   Gas Stations
•   24 hour Exposures
•   Grocery
•   Hardware
•   Lumber
•   Furniture Stores with Delivery
•   Car Dealers
Social Services
•   Group homes
•   Clinics
•   Rehabilitation facilities
•   Associations
•   Schools
•   Shelters
508-934-7339 [email protected]
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