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Shubhi Gupta Shubhi Gupta , 3/26/2018
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When you walk into your home, does your home welcome you? Does the ambience and layout of your home give you that blissful homely feeling? If not, then there might be something wrong with the way you keep things around at home. A proper arrangement of the furniture is a must to give your home a serene and satisfying look. Go for some new furniture items from Urban Ladder to bring some change into your home if you are feeling its need.

I have listed down some do’s and don’ts about home décor and arrangement techniques right here…

·         Don’t clog the house: Too much of anything is bad. Don’t put too many furniture items into you home. Allow some space in there so that each item can showcase its own essence. If you are feeling that you are getting an empty space around the corner or in the center, try changing the layout of the room. It can also give a new look to your room without spending a penny.

·         Lightings: Set the right kind of lights in the right places. If you have a book shelf and a study table close by, then choose a standing lamp that gives ample yet not stinging light for a good read. Long standing antique lamps can give a very aesthetic look to your study room. You can check out some of the classic and contemporary lamp and light designs available at Urban Ladder if you are thinking of buying anew one.

·         Keep the paths clear: When you enter someone’s home and keep stumbling across things placed in the hallways or paths, would you feel good? It is advisable to keep the paths from one room to the other clear. Keeping the hallways clear can make your home look bigger and brighter thus giving a good feeling about it.

·         Blend it right: don’t be under the impression that buying loads of expensive furniture can make your home look elegant and welcoming. The real talent lies in how you blend everything into one unit. Your furniture items should all go well together. Never ever try to mix and match antique pieces of art and furniture with high tech modern ones. Most of the times this type of combination won’t work. If you are planning for a new coffee table, make sure it goes with the sofa set or the diwan set. Balance it out!

·         Lay it out based on what you do: A practical layout of the household furniture items will not just save your time in working around the house, but will also make your house look more organized. It is very pleasing to the eyes to see a well-arranged room with activity based zones kept apart.

·         Eyes on the floor: Chose the right type of flooring and tiles. Keep them squeaky clean to brighten up your home. Always use rugs under coffee tables and center tables. If you have a very spacious bedroom, you can also throw one in there too. They make your room look very pleasant and cozy.


If you are doubtful about a change in the room or house, contact an interior designer if you can. Take some ideas from them and then go ahead with the change.