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Our Products Equals Your Commission!

All direct bill commissions are paid to the retail producer on the 1st Friday of the month after we receive it.

Here at Chenango Brokers we have spent the last 20 years setting us apart from other agencies so we can provide a stress free environment for our agents. We go above and beyond to provide agents with a quote in 37 minutes or less, we are able to quote products in-house with a fully-completed application with their first submission.

For over 30 years we have been assisting and matching producers with products that meet their needs, we use the information provided to us and give small and captive agencies the opportunity to place business they would not otherwise have access to.

The team at Chenango Brokers strives to help agents retain their business whenever an agent loses a direct market and needs to find another.

Top Programs: • Business Owners – BOP & CPP
• Artisan Contractors
• Commercial Auto
• Workers Compensation Insurance
• Roofer Insurance
• Restaurants Insurance

Our products are comprehensive and competitive; we work with captive agents, small agents and large agents who don’t represent our markets.

Target Classes Include:
Commercial Lines
• Auto Body Shops
• Bars
• Condo Associations
• Delis
• Detail Shops
• Dram Shops
• Electricians
• Fleets
• Garage
• Garagekeepers
• Landlords
• Offices
• Pizzerias
• Sound and Stereo Shops
• Strip Malls
• Transmission Shops
Personal Lines
• Homeowners (1-4 Families)
• Rental Properties
• Seasonal Homes
• Secondary Homes
• Homeowners
• Car Insurance
• Automobile (Standard and Preferred)
*Disclaimer Notice: We try to give advance notice of any commission changes, all commissions paid to brokers could vary, without notice, based on commissions received from the carriers. Not all products are available in all states.

It doesn’t matter if you need Commercial or Residential insurance, our knowledgeable team is on standby and ready to quote and bind your risk!

U.S. States Available

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    Wholesale Broker
  • Admitted:
  • Carriers:
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