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Understanding Modern Agency Marketing

Author ErinCarlson , 10/24/2018
Over the last 5 years agency marketing has evolved to uncover a lot of great ideas, and even more practices that should be avoided. We've learned a lot here at CompleteMarkets about how to obtain the best results, when trying to maximize your exposures. Back in 2014 our President and CEO, Adrian Holloway, put together a piece on the "5 Lessons - The Modern fundamentals of Insurance Agency Marketing." It outlined some of the best practices to help expose your agency to new prospects in the era of high technology. 

Online Publishing – “To Read or Not To Read, That is the Question.”

Author JasonJohnson , 8/6/2013
These days anyone with internet access can be a content publisher.  As a busy Insurance agent, the amount of time you spend searching for “reliable” content may vary from 15 minutes a day to several hours.  Most of us generally have our favorites within a click of the mouse or subscribe to blogs, forums, or groups within our preferred internet networks.

But what qualifies as original content?  In the insurance world, reputation and credibility matter.  Many websites employ subject content specialists. A content specialist is and individual who develops content for the web in a variety of ways, generally involving writing and editing, as well as certain amount of web design in some cases.  The specific requirements to become a content specialist will vary based on the type of website for which an individual is creating content, and whether or not a great deal of specialized knowledge is required.

As one of the insurance industry’s leading providers of related content on the internet, CompleteMarkets provides something for everyone.  CompleteMarkets has over 290 contributing authors so whether you are a CSR or senior management the information will be beneficial to your success.

A few of our subject content specialists include:

Ms. Thomas is the founder and President of 21st Century Management Consulting. She specializes in the insurance industry.  Ms. Thomas has been a columnist for Rough Notes and The National Underwriter. She has authored many additional articles for numerous industry publications and published her first book on retention: Irresistible Business: Dazzling and Delighting Customers For Life! She has worked in the insurance industry for over 22 years with over 450 insurance companies and agencies.  Ms. Thomas is a nationally acclaimed, powerful, engaging and dynamic speaker on Client Retention issues. She is also an experienced, knowledgeable and pragmatic consultant with a proven track record of working with companies and agencies on their sales and Client Retention rates.

Jack Nordhaus has been with INSOMIS since 1977. He works with a "dream team" of more than 60 consultants to update the content of the library, and is responsible for providing informational resources and creative input to the IMMS team and CompleteMarkets users through his "News of the Day"   Dr. Nordhaus writes the monthly IMMS Online Newsletters and the Online Newsletter E-Mail Alert.  Jack holds a doctorate in History from Columbia University. 

Don Phin is an attorney, sought after speaker and long time contributor to IMMS/Complete Markets. He is the editor of the Your Employee Matters newsletter and President of HR That Works, a program used by more than 70 agencies nationwide to deliver HR services to prospects and clients.

Time is the only true asset that sales professionals actually own.  How you spend your time is just as important as how you spend your money.   

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UCPM Environmental Insurance

Author EdwardMurayama , 1/15/2013

Environmental Insurance Made Easy 

For nearly 20 years UCPM has been at the forefront in successfully helping agencies across the country match environmental coverage to the needs of their clients. Our team of professionals understands the complexity and challenges associated with the marketplace, the diversity in coverage forms, and the wide range of available products. To put it simply, we are experts in environmental insurance so you don't have to be.

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