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How CompleteMarkets and other digital media can best be leveraged by Insurance Professionals.

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Why Should You Network?

Author DaveGrummer , 5/21/2013
Most college career counselors and career building websites are quick to sing the praises of networking.  There is an old adage, which has proven increasingly true, that “you are only as good as who you know.”  This adage actually pre-dates the Internet...

Cyber Liability 2.0 - NAS Insurance Introduces BrandGuard for Revenue Loss as a Result of a Cyber Liability Claim

Author EdwardMurayama , 9/26/2012

NAS Insurance Services, Inc. announces the availability of BrandGuard™, an innovative new insurance coverage that pays companies for lost revenue in the event of a cyber breach. BrandGuard™, a component of NetGuard™ Plus cyber liability insurance, is designed to provide organizations an extra layer of financial support while they work to restore their customers’ trust following a data security breach.

Need a Reason to Act on Social Media?

Author EdwardMurayama , 5/22/2012
Here’s an article, published today on Forbes, about a study conducted by IBM on CEOs.

Among the many points uncovered:

  • Social media as a means of communication is shifting the ways that companies interact – internally and externally – leading to a more open environment. 
  • Social media will be second only to face-to-face contact as a means of “organizational engagement.” 

Social Media is no longer an add-on. It is a utility, as vital as the lights and the phones.