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How CompleteMarkets and other digital media can best be leveraged by Insurance Professionals.

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Are You Getting The Most Out Of CompleteMarkets?

Author DaveGrummer , 5/16/2013
In the coming weeks we will be discussing various ways to better leverage CompleteMarkets, and why you need to be taking advantage of these resources...

Data Breach Coverage for Insurance Agents is Available through CalSurance

Author EdwardMurayama , 10/25/2012

CalSurance offers a Data Breach Insurance program to protect against the dramatic rise in insurance costs associated with Data Breach incidents. According to NetDiligence’s report, “Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance Claims – A Study of Actual Payouts for Covered Breaches,” the typical insurance cost of a Data Breach incident ranges from $25,000 to $200,000. CalSurance Data Breach Insurance delivers coverage and tools for insurance agents to help mitigate the financial impact associated with a Data Breach. Visit for additional information and free Data Breach protection resources.

A MUST READ ARTICLE for Agents Regarding Food Borne Illness Exposures

Author EdwardMurayama , 9/18/2012
In the August Edition of Rough Notes (pg. 46), Professional Liability Insurance Services®, Inc. is cited throughout an informative article titled “Protecting Against Food Borne Illness Exposures.” This article details the full aspects of a food borne illness that can cause devastation to a business including, loss of income, reputational harm, recall costs and liability risks. Included in this article is information for agents regarding the food borne illness risks while also stressing the educational tools available for agents to become more familiar and knowledgeable about the exposures associated with food borne illnesses from the farm to the fork.