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Nationwide Agribusiness
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Nationwide Agribusiness
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Auto Insurance in Urbandale, IA
Is it easy to switch auto insurance carriers or insurance agents?
  1. In short, yes. But, there is a procedure to follow for best results. If your previous carrier is reputable you will get a pro-rated refund fairly quickly. An insurance agent can help you with this process. You want to make sure you have coverage in place with the new carrier before you cancel your policy with the old carrier. This is important as you do not want to be uninsured for even a few hours.
  2. When switching agents but keeping the same carrier, a Broker-of-record (BOR) letter may need to be completed by your new agent (signed by you)
  3. When switching carriers but keeping the same agent – this could be quite simple if the agent has a partnership with the new carrier. If not, your agent can advise you of the procedure, which may involve switching to another agent (which may require some additional paperwork)

Common Auto Insurance coverages

Some form of liability is mandatory in almost all states. Many people get the minimum coverage to save costs. But, there are a slew of other coverages that are very important.
  1. Collision – covers your own car and property.
  2. Property damage – this covers damages to the other motorists cars (involved in the accident) and property.
  3. Comprehensive – this covers damages and replacement due to being stolen, fire or water damages. But, in some states this comprehensive coverage also includes ‘Uninsured Motorist’ and a few other coverages. What’s included or bundled into a comprehensive policy can also differ by insurance carrier.
  4. Uninsured Motorist – mandatory in many states, this coverages kicks in when the other driver does not have adequate coverage or your vehicle is involved in a hit and run accident (the hit-and-run driver is not identifiable)
  5. Car Rental Insurance – this kicks in when you need a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired.
  6. Medical Bills – covers deductibles and medical payments not otherwise covered by your health insurance or the other drivers (at fault drivers) insurance. Mandatory in some states.
  7. Our agents can help you find great auto insurance rates; we know the specific laws and nuances of auto insurance in and around the Urbandale, IA area.

How to get discounts and/or reduce your auto insurance bill?

  1. At Nationwide Agribusiness, our agents are always trying to help our clients get more value and better deals on their auto insurance and frankly, any insurance policies they write through us.
  2. Some key methods to reducing your insurance bills are –
    1. Bundle insurance policies.
    2. Good driver discounts
    3. Improve your credit score.
    4. Get a car that has a higher safety rating
    5. Don’t make insurance claims unless you absolutely have to.

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