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The average “successful” agency grew by 1% or less in 2010.  Despite the best efforts of many of those agencies, generating a consistent positive growth rate year-after-year has been a very difficult task. 

When revenues fall below expectations, even the most self-motivated people can get discouraged & this is especially true of most agencies’ salespeople.  How do we encourage and help those salespeople yet stimulate them to action while maintaining accountability at the same time?  Here’s one good way!

AgencyBoost is a sales self-training interface to equip P&C Insurance producers and CSRs with time-tested sales and efficiency techniques that provide solutions in combating many of those struggles presently being experienced.  Further, many of the methods have been specifically tailored for these harder economic times!

Don’t take it from us (see video below).  We have gotten comments from a number of producers and CSRs that have used these same techniques and methods who wanted to share the benefits they experienced.  We know you will find their statements to be authentic and stimulating as they provide credibility to the value of our system, particularly in today’s Insurance sales environment. 

After hearing from these successful “students,” why not start using the AgencyBoost method today?

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