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    Craig Peterson, President & CEO
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    65 Enterprise Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
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We're here to help you. We've been active in the Identity Theft insurance and education field since 2001. As one of the first companies to recognize Identity Theft as an ongoing scourge for consumers and business, our team of internet, security and insurance experts set out on a mission to find the best solutions to help consumers cover their ID.

We call our service 'Cover My ID!' because, well, that's what we do. We cover your ID. How? By providing the only known painkiller for victims of Identity Theft - identity protection, education, insurance, credit report monitoring, credit fraud and credit freeze alerts and restoration services.

We provide the most valuable Identity Theft coverage and restoration services available -- at a very reasonable price -- in the fastest, simplest and most secure way possible.

For $30 a year you're enrolled in our Gold program which provides identity theft prevention, education and insurance benefits up to $25,000 with zero deductible, in a program backed by one of the world's largest companies. (more)

Add another $40 and you've got a full service team of identity theft restoration professionals ready to go to work on your behalf should you become a victim of identity theft. (more)

Our programs, backed by the biggest name in the insurance industry (American International Group, Inc.), provide peace of mind in minutes to Americans concerned about identity theft. If you look around, you'll quickly see that we offer one of the best, most affordable identity theft programs on the market. We even have great employee benefits programs for employer groups, as well as corporate compliance and data breach response programs for companies.

If you've been considering taking action protect yourself from identity theft, now's the time.

Whether you choose to buy from us or a competitor, we encourage you to take all necessary precautions to protect your identity from identity thieves. Being vigilant with whom and where you share your personal information is the best first step to avoid this crime.

There's only one of you. We're here to help you keep on being truly you.
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