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Webinars:  Register here for IPISC’s monthly webinars to learn about this and other IP insurance products available through IPISC. For further information, please contact Janet Zahnd, sales manager, at or 502-855-5314.

Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC) was founded by Robert W. Fletcher in Louisville, Kentucky in 1990. As a program manager/program underwriter for insurance carriers, IPISC performs the steps of underwriting the risks, administering the program, issuing policies and managing claims.  We write coverage all over the world, regardless where the company is domiciled.

In the years since 1990, IPISC has focused on creating and managing innovative IP insurance programs. The first of such programs involves issuance of enforcement policies that provides funds so that insured IP owners can enforce their patent, copyright and trademark rights against infringers.

The second IP program entered into by IPISC is a defense product that provides the Insured funds to defend himself in the event that an infringement allegation is made against him. The Company continues to provide this highly specialized coverage with an S&P 'A+' or A.M. Best 'A' rated carriers and an A++, (Superior) XV reinsurer.

IP lawsuits are among the most expensive lawsuits that companies can be involved in, costing $3.5 million dollars in expenses alone, and excludes damages and  settlements.  This amount is, on average, what each side spends to litigate an IP lawsuit through trial.  But, most companies are still bare when it comes to insuring their intellectual property exposure.  IPISC can help.  We are the industry leaders when it comes to insuring IP exposures.  We are committed to giving peace of mind by knowing that IP risks are underwritten by some of the best and the brightest in the field of intellectual property.  Our team at IPISC works hard to ensure that our policies and products serve the needs of our clients.  Our company is the insurance solution designed solely to protect a company's most valuable assets...intellectual property.

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