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Smart’s Publishing has a long history as a publisher for the financial services industry. We publish Smart’s California Insurance Report (formerly Smart’s Insurance Bulletin), which has covered the insurance industry continuously since 1953. Our writers have extensive experience and credibility in the insurance industry.

We understand that when your name is on the front page, you want the best – and nothing less will do.

Content Created by People Who Understand Marketing… and Insurance

Founder James Whitaker began as an underwriter in 1975. In 1988, he started a public relations and advertising firm, with the insurance industry as his niche.

In 1989, James Whitaker & Associates launched Insurance Update (later called Insurance Buyers’ News), a custom client newsletter sponsored by the Western Association of Insurance Brokers. In 1992, James Whitaker & Associates purchased Smart’s Insurance Bulletin, started by Art Smart in 1953 to report on the California insurance industry. Soon thereafter, we became who we are today – Smart’s Publishing. We now offer a full line of custom client newsletters for insurance and real estate professionals, along with the service and technical innovations that clearly separate us from the competition

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