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Experts in Program Management
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    Rekha Skantharaja, Senior Vice President
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    140 2nd Street,, Suite 320 Petaluma, CA 94952
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Tangram Insurance Services is a program manager with deep expertise and experience in program business.  We have the authority to underwrite and bind business on behalf of top-rated carriers in niche segments.  Our programs are not widely available in the marketplace and, therefore, provide our appointed brokers with a distinct competitive advantage. 

Our name, Tangram, is taken from the ancient Chinese puzzle game based on a square that has been divided into seven simple geometric shapes – five triangles, a square and a parallelogram. These simple shapes can be creatively rearranged into an infinite number of alternative combinations that convey an array of ideas, thoughts, messages and/or meanings. Similarly, the risk management professionals at Tangram offer a wide spectrum of consulting and underwriting services and are prepared to treat your unique risks with the same creativity and resourcefulness as required in solving the Tangram puzzle.

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