E-mail Marketing Done Right

E-mail marketing has proven to be one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available to businesses. It has also been seemingly ineffective to many businesses that lack the expertise, tracking capability, and the properly targeted audience to unlock the potential of this relatively inexpensive marketing channel.

The problem is, if you don't properly target and understand the audience that you're trying to reach, the pertinence of your message and the effectiveness of your E-mail campaign will be based on luck, rather than on anything tangible.

Simply put; you must target your email campaigns for maximum return. That's where CompleteMarkets' team of experts can help you.

Through our years of serving the Insurance Industry, and the exposure we get daily at CompleteMarkets.com, we've amassed the largest full-contact-record insurance industry database in the US: Filtered by state/region, AND categorized by P&C, L&H, and "Variable Products" professionals.

Our E-mail marketing specialists have years of experience in generating targeted, professional E-mail campaigns, designed to get the best results possible. We can handle the creative for you, or work with your existing marketing department for consistency. We handle distribution, and manage all the fine details...you just write new business.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"CompleteMarkets' tailored EBlasts have allowed us to showcase our programs to a constantly growing database of brokers. We've seen an increase in submissions because CompleteMarkets has allowed us to extend our reach in the marketplace. Definitely worth the investment!"
Jacqueline Warren, The Capacity Group of Companies

"We consistently receive inquiries from our storefronts on completemarkets.com and our email blasts to agents have also produced regular leads for our specialty sports and recreation programs. CompleteMarkets is a cost-effective avenue to reach agents across the United States searching for unique markets."
Lorena Hatfield, Marketing Resources Manager, K&K Insurance Group, Inc.

Visit CompleteMarkets.com - Where Insurance Goes To Network™ to see the premier professional network for Insurance professionals, and to find out more about how becoming a CompleteMarkets client can stimulate growth in your business.

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