Social Media Matters...

As recent news can testify to, the power and influence of Social Media has expanded far beyond 'kids stuff.'

Social Media is influencing the Press, the Stock Market, and even stimulating social change all the way up to, and including, regime change for some governments. However, a lot of companies struggle to understand why Social Media should matter to them.

The answer is simple: 'Drop your line where the fish are.'

There is no denying the exposure of Social Media. Just as all industries had to accept that having a website is a necessity, so it is with having a Social Media presence these days.

If your customers are Retail Agents or Insurance Professionals, then only two social networks should matter to your business: LinkedIn and CompleteMarkets.

CompleteMarkets offers a unique and proprietary program called ‘Transformer Marketing - B2B,’ a turnkey managed Social Media Marketing program that will propel your business into the profitable future.

As the leaders in digital marketing for the Insurance Industry, CompleteMarkets knows that it takes a sustained and proactive effort to leverage Social Media Marketing.

Where most companies fail is that they approach Social Media in a piecemeal fashion, and they lose interest before even giving it a chance.

Social Media is a channel to communicate with your clients and prospects, but it is not necessarily a lead-generating tool - at least not a quick one. It is about fostering relationships, and is closer in nature to Public Relations.

To learn more about how CompleteMarkets leverages the power of Social Media for our clients, we invite you to schedule a demonstration by submitting our premium advertiser form