DIY Admin Made EZ...

Did you know that CompleteMarkets has been around since 1998? In that time, we've received a lot of great feedback from our clients. Our support team works very closely with our clients to refine the tools and streamline the processes of managing their accounts on CompleteMarkets. As a result, we have developed the most comprehensive, straightforward, and downright useful self-service tools in our industry. Our users tell us consistently that our self-service administrative tools and customer service are unparalleled.

Our professional network for the insurance industry - CompleteMarkets - Where Insurance Goes To Network - is on its third iteration with new features coming all the time, as well.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"Their technology, service level, professionalism and responsiveness is undeniably the best when compared to other similar providers CITA Insurance Services has used." - Adam Babcock, Brown & Brown Program Insurance Services, Inc. DBA: CITA Insurance Services

"From their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives, to their user friendly storefront admin panel, our experience with CompleteMarkets confirms to us that we've partnered with a true leader in the online market search service industry." - Nick Wiegers, Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc.

"Thanks for walking us through the site. You guys have done a lot of work, and wow! It's really user friendly! I really like how we can make any changes we want, whenever we want. It's easy to add and update storefronts, add press releases, and view reporting." - Riley Binford, Senior Vice President, Tangram Insurance Services

Through our intuitive self-service administrative toolset, our clients can:

  • Create/Edit their CompleteMarkets profile.
  • Create/Edit their Storefront pages.
  • Administrate Press Releases.
  • Create/Edit Automated Agent Inquiry Response Messages.

By actively maintaining their Profiles, Storefronts, Press Releases, Blogs, and other tools available to them, CompleteMarkets clients realize great benefits, such as advertising their company and products to an ever-growing database of Insurance professionals, filtered and targeted submissions by active agents, Search Engine Optimization, Networking opportunities, and analytical tools to demonstrate the effectiveness of their efforts.

To see the premier Professional network for the Insurance Industry, please visit CompleteMarkets - Where Insurance Goes To Network

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