Monthly Status Meetings

How responsive is your Marketing department? Do they take a proactive approach in handling your marketing efforts? How often do you meet with them? What is the result of those meetings? Are there clearly defined results, goals, and "action items" for achieving those goals?

Our CompleteMarkets customer support staff conducts regular monthly meetings with our clients to provide them an in-depth review of their digital marketing initiatives, and to help tweak their CompleteMarkets program for the best possible results. We sincerely want all of our clients to succeed, and we routinely go out of our way to help them do so. The fact is, busy executives sometimes overlook their various marketing initiatives, and just "assume they're working as they should."

Once a CompleteMarkets client has their Storefronts and other administrative functions set up, there is a fair degree of automation employed by our systems, but the fact is that marketing - especially digital marketing - needs constant maintenance to be most effective. It is not a "set it and forget it" kind of thing.

Leaning on over 15 years of experience in New Media Marketing, CompleteMarkets advises our clients with our "Best Practices" guides, and the knowledge gained in our daily operations on the cutting edge of our field. We have tools that provide us an in-depth view of the efficacy and potency of each of the digital marketing channels we employ on behalf of our clients.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"CompleteMarkets is not just about the marketing aspect, but the behind the scenes assistance they provide. They help me with putting together and scheduling our marketing e-mails, as well as always being available to provide help in navigating the website and making the maximum use of all the tools found on the site. The staff at CompleteMarkets has been very, very helpful!" - Ray Wahl - Sr. Vice President, Lee & Mason Financial Services, Inc.

"CompleteMarkets has great customer service, everybody that I've dealt with there has been friendly, above and beyond willing to help; whether it's setting up storefronts, email ads or what have you. The training aspect as well, I have utilized that to help train our new marketing reps that have come on, I have been very impressed with that! The back end reporting feature is something that CompleteMarkets pretty much blows everybody else away..." - Julie Byington, U.S. Risk Brokers

"From their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives, to their user friendly storefront admin panel, our experience with CompleteMarkets confirms to us that we've partnered with a true leader in the online market search service industry." -Nick Wiegers, Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc.

Partner with a true leader in the Industry. CompleteMarkets will give your digital marketing efforts a much-needed shot in the arm. To schedule a phone/computer demonstration of what CompleteMarkets has to offer our clients, simply click and submit a request here.