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NewsboyDid you know that on June 10, 2013, Spectrum Insurance announced that their "Wholesale RV Parks & Resorts" program has expanded to attract RV Parks and Resorts from Coast to Coast? In California, they are looking forward to significant growth via their Western States-based agencies, exclusively for short term stay RV communities...

No? Well I did. I saw it on CompleteMarkets - Where Insurance Goes To Network.

How well does your company manage its Public Relations efforts? Do you implement regular Press Releases? To whom, and how often? Did you know that CompleteMarkets clients' press releases are sent out to over 20 different industry publishers? These are companies/publications we have built relationships with, and they count on us to send them pertinent industry news for them to consider for publication.

Publishers are always on the lookout for useful content. They have deadlines to meet, and pages to fill - be they digital pages or print. Let them decide how "newsworthy" your release is. Your job is just to "put it out there." Oftentimes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. This is just one more channel that your company should be utilizing as part of a "multi-disciplinary" approach to your digital marketing efforts.

Press Releases don't have to be "new" news either. They can cover all the various features and benefits of your existing product offerings. If you've never "announced it" before, it is "news!" As with everything we do, CompleteMarkets offers our clients guidance for their PR efforts with our "best practices" documentation, gleaned from our many years of experience in New Media Marketing.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"We are very happy with our relationship with CompleteMarkets. Their multidisciplinary marketing approach is highly effective and we enjoy working with everyone on their team. The press release feature has been very valuable for us as we have leveraged it to enhance our branding, exposure and industry presence." - Valerie Williams, Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.

"Thanks for walking us through the site. You guys have done a lot of work, and wow! It's really user friendly! I really like how we can make any changes we want, whenever we want. It's easy to add and update storefronts, add press releases, and view reporting. The format of the new retail agent site is also attractive and intuitive." - Riley Binford, Senior Vice President, Tangram Insurance Services

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