Getting the Most from CompleteMarkets

In today's online world anyone can be an author especially if they can provide some expertise on a particular topic. CompleteMarkets has released an extensive library of complimentary articles that our users can access just by registering. These articles are categorized and completely searchable, in fact, one user said "...Our agency has been able to grow its business and markets by the new relationships/connections...Now that these Articles are available I am able to draw more resources from this website. This is a great NICHE MARKET for INSURANCE SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING. I love it!!!!"

What topic are you an expert in? Cyber Liability? RV Parks? Sales? Customer Service? Commercial Lines? It doesn't matter what topic you want to write about we have the platform to get your name, content, company and product out to our community simply by telling your story. If you are not currently a registered user on CompleteMarkets it takes very little time and you can view the current articles we have available and submit an article for approval. These articles will be tied to your name and your user profile and will increase your CompleteMarkets reputation as well as provide exposure for your company name and/or products.

Develop an article that is informative as well as relevant to your company's specialization or that illustrates your company's advantage over a competitor. Remember this is not an advertisement. You don't want to push people to your storefront but rather demonstrate or imply that you are the expert in this field. This will draw them to your site looking for more information.

An article should be brief, have interesting content, and conclude with a "call to action" requiring the reader to visit your site for more information. Using pictures, charts, or other illustrations also helps the reader to see as well as read the point you are trying to make. Links to offer the reader the ability to navigate to your site is another effective way of getting the reader to act on what they are reading.

Once the article is ready to publish it is submitted to CompleteMarkets for editorial approval and published. After publishing, the article is then immediately viewable by all of our CompleteMarkets members as well as being searchable from the internet.

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