Insurance Industry Evolution

Direct Insurers, Cloud-based consumer facing platforms, and 24/7 web portals all have had a profound impact on how insurance carriers position themselves in today's business environment.

Technology has streamlined much of your daily underwriting activities saving time and resources. But has it also made the industry more competitive? As the business cycle speeds to a 24 hour business day the need for real time quotes and online e-commerce will soon dominate the way insurance gets done.

Having an effective partnership is one way CompleteMarkets and our clients can lead the way. A seamless platform for our clients to connect and promote their business makes CompleteMarkets the ideal partner for the insurance industry. Our websites's design and SEO customization scores as one of the best in our industry. And our clients agree, "consistent, measurable growth in both new business submissions as well as new agents and agencies who are interested in our wholesale products…" RPS Technology & Cyber.

CompleteMarkets live chat, excellent back end support, and innovative development team keep them ahead of the industry. Updates and new products are consistently being added to keep the site fresh and to increase user enrollment. Their focus is the customer. Success if measured by results. CompleteMarkets exceeds at both.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"The return on investment has proven positive as we can directly correlate new business and brand awareness thanks to CompleteMarkets." - Adam Babcock, Brown & Brown Program Insurance Services, Inc. DBA: CITA Insurance Services

"CompleteMarkets has revolutionized the way agents and brokers connect. The customized storefronts allow us to showcase our most popular programs right alongside our more specialized niche programs, ensuring that brokers know our broad spectrum of coverages. Additionally, CompleteMarkets' tailored EBlasts have allowed us to showcase our programs to a constantly growing database of brokers. We've seen an increase in submissions because CompleteMarkets has allowed us to extend our reach in the marketplace. Definitely worth the investment!" - Jacqueline Warren, The Capacity Group of Companies

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