Getting the Most From Your Storefront.

Curb appeal in real estate is a first impression and says a lot about a home. Is it well maintained? Is there pride of ownership? Similarly, at CompleteMarkets your storefront says a lot about your company. By developing a detailed storefront you tell your customers that they can expect exceptional service and quality products from your company. New CompleteMarkets advertisers receive one-on-one service and training when developing their company's storefronts. The support and service are superb.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"Working with Complete Markets is a pleasure; no request is too much trouble and their responsiveness is outstanding. We consistently receive inquiries from our storefronts on and our email blasts to agents have also produced regular leads for our specialty sports and recreation programs. Complete Markets is a cost-effective avenue to reach agents across the United States searching for unique markets." - Lorena Hatfield, Marketing Resources Manager, K&K Insurance Group, Inc.

Here are 5 ways to improve your storefront.

Company Abstract

In one or two paragraphs give your customer a snapshot of what sets you apart from similar companies. Let the prospect know the experience and expertise you bring to the table. Tell them how big your company is and what types of products you offer. Use SEO keywords that will increase your searchablilty rate.

Storefront Content

Internet search engines use specific formulas as to how search terms are categorized into the customers results page. CompleteMarkets uses sophisticated proprietary practices to push your company's storefront to the top of any search for your product.

Contact Information

Now that your customer has found you don't confuse them. Make every click count. Direct them towards the close. Qualify them and connect. If a customer has trouble finding what they want on your website they will get frustrated and leave. CompleteMarkets customer service will walk you through the design and tell you what works and what doesn't. Their complementary demonstration illustrates how to build your storefront and how the keywords used within the page will assist in a customer's search.

Applications/Agency licensing

Placing your form here helps the prospect to save time and gets the transaction one step closer to closing. The agent will also want to make sure the fees and agency agreements are fully executed prior to offering confidential information.


Perhaps the most overlooked item on the storefront, but one of the most important are your company's links. When a broken link appears to the prospect it is a red flag that either the company hasn't used the link or they didn't set up the link properly. Either way it is irritating and usually leads the prospect to look elsewhere. If a link to your website has changed remember to always go back and edit the url so that the link will continue to work. This usually occurs when staff is replaced and an email link is no longer active, or a webpage has been updated and the old page is inactive or deleted.

CompleteMarkets wants your company to be successful. Our goal is to continue to offer great service and be the industry leader in our area of expertise.

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