Defend Your Business with Black Swan Strategies.

Why is CompleteMarkets in a 'category' of ONE? Simply because we help you defend your business from unforseen danger. No one else can do that for you.

Have you heard of the Black Swan Theory, or Black Swan Events? Black Swan Theory describes an event that comes as a surprise, an event that has a major effect, and an event that is inappropriately rationalized after the fact. The surprising events that play a huge taxing toll on your business, a negative effect on your business.

The goal is to build robustness in your business that can insulate you from these unexpected negative events, and allow you to exploit positive events. That's what the Black Swan Theory is, and here at we can help you shore up against unforseen and negative events that could affect your business.

We have just repositioned our advertising tiers and one of them is appropriately called - Black Swan Advertiser. Our proven tactics, experience and proprietary tools work in concert to provide you with a defensive strategy that helps you insulate from these Black Swan Events. And, when executed correctly, we help you turn this defense into an effective offense togive you an unfair advantage!

So, if you would like to hear more, about how we can, not only insulate your business from unforseen Black Swan Events, but more importantly help you build a foundation so that no matter what happens you have predictable and consistent revenue and growth opportunities, get in touch, and I'd be delighted to share more about this.

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