Want more premium? Revisit the fundamentals.

Not too long ago the formula for success was for a salesperson to make 100 cold calls, book 10 appointments, and close 1 deal (the 1% sales funnel). Today, the philosophy still works, but with an ever evolving twist. Online marketing has changed this formula so profoundly that it cannot be overlooked. Follow the 5 tips below, many of them can be delivered to you by CompleteMarkets.

Get a Foundation.

Companies that think creating a website is as easy as buying a domain name have had little success. A good foundation or platform with organized content and a product or service your customer is looking for should be front and center. At CompleteMarkets we call these microsites - a site that is a portal or gateway to your company, people and products and services.

Get Found.

Internet search engines use specific formulas as to how search terms are categorized into the customers results page. We use sophisticated proprietary practices to push your company's storefronts and microsite to the top of any search for your product - think automated Search Engine Optimization.

Get Focused.

Now that your customer has found you, don't confuse them. Make every click count. Direct them towards the close. Qualify them and connect. If a customer has trouble finding what they want on your website they will get frustrated and leave. Our Support Specialists will walk you through the design and tell you what works and what doesn't. During our specially designed 'working meetings' we illustrate how to build your storefront and how the keywords used within the page will assist in a customer's search.

Get Trusted.

Many customers will be skeptical of websites that they don't trust and the likelihood of them making a purchase is lower. Websites that have very little history on the internet are less relevant when searched and will not show up in the top results. CompleteMarkets has a strong SEO presence and as a trusted site it is often found at the top of any relevant search. But don't take our word for it. Here is what Adam Babcock has to say about CompleteMarkets,

"Their technology, service level, professionalism and responsiveness is undeniably the best when compared to other similar providers CITA Insurance Services has used." - Adam Babcock, Brown & Brown Program Insurance Services, Inc.

Get Ready.

Customers are always looking for new products or better services. Be ready to adapt your marketing strategy to the changes your customers are looking for. The insurance industry isn't evolving in a vacuum. Outside influences are constantly changing the way business gets done. CompleteMarkets evolves as well and introduces new technology and products to meet the demands of our customers. Stay connected to find out more. What is Black Swan? Interested? Spend a minute filling up a form and we will send you a link to a recorded video demonstration, and get your company into the headlines of tomorrow!