Allied Health Professional Liability Insurance

Allied health professionals are healthcare workers who are not physicians, nurses, or dentists but play crucial roles in patient care and support.  This category includes professions such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, radiologic technologists, medical laboratory technicians, and many others.

But just like primary health care providers, these healthcare professionals, vital to patient care, also face the same potential liabilities in their daily roles.  The most important being legal challenges that often arise due to errors or negligence.

Liabilities can stem from:

  • Misdiagnoses
  • Medication errors
  • Treatment complications, or
  • Breaches of patient confidentiality

To safeguard their careers and finances, many allied health workers opt for Professional Liability Insurance.

This coverage assists in legal defense and settlement costs, offering peace of mind while ensuring high standards of care.

Ck Specialty Insurance Associates, Inc.
Allied Health Insurance

Allied Healthcare & Social Services Professional and General Liability Insurance    Ck's Allied Healthcare & Social Services unit offers Professional liability and General liability insurance for a wide spectrum of classes. Coverage...
Preferred Concepts LLC
Medical Malpractice & Healthcare

Mercator Risk Services provides Medical Professional Liability insurance, or Medical Malpractice, for a range of medical organizations. They focus on hard to place physicians and surgeons, miscellaneous medical service providers, and managed care acc...
The Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency, Inc
Miscellaneous Professional Liability

The Herbert H. Landy Insurance Agency will assist you with obtaining Professional Liability or Errors & Omissions Insurance. Program Features: Numerous Admitted & Non-Admitted Options Specializing in Home Inspectors, Tit...
Program Brokerage Corporation
Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC) is the go-to-source for producers seeking excellent Professional Liability Products and service for their existing accounts and prospects. Our Professional Liability divisi...
Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC
Allied Health Insurance

Veracity’s Allied Health & Medical coverage offers insurance products for miscellaneous health, medical, and social service risks.  Through our carrier relationships we can provide general and professional liability coverages to your ha...
Continental Risk /Continental Marine Insurance Services
Allied Healthcare

Unique Allied Healthcare medical services facilities bring together the talents of healthcare professionals who are trained, certified, and often licensed in their specialized field. Allied Healthcare coverages are available and are changing quickly...
Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc.
Allied Healthcare Insurance

Policy Highlights: Colonial General has an allied healthcare program specifically designed to meet the coverage needs of eligible allied health professionals. We offer professional liability and general liability on an occurrence or claims made basi...
Access E&S Insurance Services
Allied Healthcare Professional/General Liability

With longer life expectancies and an increased demand for better care, a group of healthcare professionals distinct from physicians, dentists and nurses known as allied healthcare professionals has emerged in today’s job market. These care providers ...
Professional Liability Insurance Services, Inc.®
Allied Medical Errors and Omissions Insurance

  Physicians, surgeons, nurses have specific professional liability coverage, but where do placement agencies, audiologists, medical consultants and other medical professionals find E&O coverage?  They turn to Allied Medical Errors &am...
Atlantic Risk Specialists, Inc./ARS-Latiff, LLC
Allied Medical Insurance

Atlantic Risk Specialists offers an Allied Medical Insurance program that brings expertise in all areas of healthcare liability, employer and provider stop loss and allied medical risks. We have access a large amount of markets and can provide your c...
The McGowan Companies
Allied Medical Professional Liability Insurance

MCGOWAN, DONNELLY & OBERHEU, LLC Allied Medical Professional Liability Insurance Eligible Classes: Ambulance Services Blood & Tissue Banks Clinical Research & Trials Clinics CRNA Counselors Dentists (hard to place) Home He...
J.M. Wilson Corp.
Brokerage Insurance

J.M. Wilson has created a specialized "Brokerage Team" to concentrate on Brokerage Insurance.  We use the term "Brokerage" to describe those tough classes that require more attention and expertise.   Here is a sampling of some of the Broker...
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