Frequently Asked Questions


As long as you have a professional interest in the insurance industry or have a product or service whose audience are insurance professionals, you are at the right place.


You can use any one of the following tools -

Complete your User Profile - Make sure you upload a picture. People are more likely to recognize and connect with you when you have a picture.

People Search - Enter names or emails to find people you know in the insurance industry.

Import & Invite Tool - Allows you to import from Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL and so on.

People You May Know - You will see this on different pages. Suggests people you may know based on your current connections.

Groups - Subscribe to groups that are relevant to you and participate as often as you can.

Blogs and Discussions - Participate and contribute.


Custom URL's are unique and can be used on your business cards, promotional materials, email signatures and just about anywhere.

People (Peers, Prospects, Clients and Wholesalers/Carriers) that view your profile will eventually be able to (features are being rolled out regularly) see how your professional network connects with you and reviews and rates your professionalism, evaluates your network of clients and partnerships and much more. As these features come online, the need to have a custom URL that you can hand out to your clients, prospects and partners will become increasingly more valuable.

So, grab your Custom URL now (it's free) - just Edit Your Profile and enter your preferred Profile Name in the profile name field. Suggested name could be : JohnDoe, JDoe, Doe and so on and your custom profile would then be (for example). Read More...


Please review our Terms Of Use, Copyright Compliance Policy, Privacy Policy and User Content Agreement for more details.


The higher your score, the more credibility you have as a user of the site. A reputation score is a system-calculated score that takes the following factors into consideration -

•  Profile Completeness
•  Number of friends/connections
•  Activity on groups, blogs, discussions.
•  How others rate your content, contributions, and answers to questions.
•  Your expertise in your field. Other users can rate your responses, which affects your overall reputation score.


Click on the lock icon and select Public, Private, or Friends.