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CompleteMarkets is the fastest growing network of insurance professionals. At the center of our eco-system is the retail agent/broker/advisor (our free members). We help agents transact business easily, swiftly and competitively. In addition to connecting agents to the wholesalers (MGA's, PA's, MGU's and Carriers) in our network, we also source insurance buyers for our agents. This completes the market circle for us - insurance buyer->agent->wholesaler->carrier.

Membership is FREE for Agents/Brokers/Advisors and Agency Owners

$6B Annual Premium

Our network of Insurance Wholesalers, Retail Agents and Consumers transact over $6B of insurance premium annually. We do not participate in any commission splits. Members get access to over 1500 insurance markets.

Membership is FREE

The site is FREE to ALL insurance professionals (P&C, Life/Health & Financial Services).  A free profile with online reviews, SEO optimized, and access to free tools that will help you transact and grow your revenue.