Products for Insurance Professionals (Property & Casualty, Life & Health, Financial Advisors and Adjusters)

Prestige Pro

It only takes a few minutes for an irate client, or a jealous competitor to tarnish your reputation. We provide a highly effective, inexpensive service that will help you establish and maintain the stellar professional reputation you deserve - through the CompleteMarkets platform.

For a small fee (annual prepay, cancel anytime), we leverage our platform to your advantage, providing you with the following services -

  • A 'Certified Insurance Pro'seal that can be used on all marketing material. 
  • Early notification on Exclusive Consumer Leads
  • Prestige Members get a discount on aged Consumer Leads
  • A comprehensive professional profile on – the destination site for insurance.
  • Google optimized professional profile, localized, so you show up in the major search engines when clients research you.
  • Your CompleteMarkets profile connected to major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • You get a spam-free (customize-able) email address. For example - [email protected]. You can then use this for your DOI licensing, CE licensing and anywhere where you do not want to get spam (and receive legitimate messages only).
  • Access to paid/premium tools on our website – Premium Search, Submission Dashboard
  • Ability to Dispute Negative Reviews  – as a Prestige Pro member, you have 30 days to dispute any reviews before we make them public. This is a unique service available only to Prestige Pro members, and is designed to protect you from spammers, jealous competitors and misunderstandings with clients.

Monthly price: $9.95
Annual price: $99.95