Since 1998, CompleteMarkets has been the leading on-line insurance market search service.

We have evolved into the LinkedIn for the Insurance Industry - a destination site for insurance professionals to get access to insurance markets, products and services, hard to place risks; find jobs; get great educational content ; connect and chat with other professionals; generate revenue growth; hire talent; get exclusive insurance consumer leads; generate reviews and recommendations; and interact with other insurance professionals.

Executive Team

Adrian Holloway, President & CEO

Adrian Holloway, President & CEO

Adrian is a technocrat that has lived and worked in different parts of the world. With a problem solving mindset and a practical approach to real-world problems he has led large solution building teams throughout his career. Adrian has held high profile CTO/CIO positions before deciding to branch out on his own. 

In 2007, Adrian co-founded INSOMIS Corp and acquired IMMS – a 35 year old industry leading marketing services provider for the Independent Insurance Industry. In 2009, INSOMIS absorbed MVP Insurance Marketing, Inc a well known Los Angeles based general agency as part of the strategy to bring 'Life to Property/Casualty'. 

Since 2007, Adrian and INSOMIS have been leading the transformation of marketing services – bringing cutting edge Social Networking, Online Marketing and other marketing approaches to the table for the insurance industry.

Michael Solaroli, CompleteMarkets Director, Sales

Michael Solaroli, CompleteMarkets Director, Sales

Michael Solaroli, a 10+ year veteran of CompleteMarkets, is dedicated to the growth and further development of the service. His responsibilities include establishing and maintaining relationships with MGAs, brokers, and wholesalers.

Solaroli coordinates the placement of advertisers into the CompleteMarkets website, and coordinates with the Editorial and IT departments to establish new areas of growth for the brand.

He has more than 15 years of technical sales experience.

Erin Carlson, Director of Operations

Erin Carlson, Director of Operations

Erin Carlson, Director of Operations for INSOMIS Corporation has professional experience including management, customer service, accounting, operations, and human resources since 2002. She earned her Associates Degree in Accounting at University of Phoenix. She is actively involved in the CompleteMarkets support division and is passionate about providing extraordinary service to our customers.

In her role as Operations Manager, she has developed and implemented many new initiatives to enhance customer's experience and results for CompleteMarkets clients and users. Erin is constantly seeking creative ways to foster a dynamic learning environment and to promote high quality service and continuous improvement.

Ashley Fuerstenberg, Marketing Advisor – CompleteMarkets

Ashley is one of CompleteMarkets' top Marketing Advisors. Ashley's goal is to provide clients with a great experience using CompleteMarkets to expand their program and deliver ROI. In addition, Ashley is one the key expert here at CompleteMarkets focusing on optimizing storefronts for search engines and email marketing. She has a passion for problem solving and ensuring her clients are satisfied with their program. She currently resides in Big Bear Lake with her daughter.

Jeffrey Vann, Executive Vice President

Recognized as an entrepreneur in the marketing industry Jeff has successfully designed and implemented marketing initiatives and systems for hundreds of insurance professionals, agencies and brokerage general agencies.

In 2009 Jeff successfully merged MVP Insurance Marketing, Inc. with INSOMIS Corporation the parent company of CompleteMarkets.  As Executive Vice President and part owner of INSOMIS Corporation, Jeff is responsible for all aspects of the company's revenue generation. Jeff spearheads strategy development, providing specific expertise in the areas of vision and systems development. With Jeff's strategic vision and unwavering passion, he leads INSOMIS Corporation's research, strategy, and marketing teams to concept, plan, and execute integrated marketing programs that address the client's critical business needs while delivering valuable user experience and quantifiable return on investment.

Jeff attended the University of Southern California with a concentration on business and marketing. Jeff was born in Mexico City and is bi-cultural and bilingual.

Jon Gaster, Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Jon is an IBM veteran who has spent many years creating and nurturing new technology companies. 

Jon is instrumental in strategic mergers and partnerships and plays an integral role in planning corporate strategy and long term directional strategy.