Credit Copyrighted Content

Are you looking to reference an article, blog post or other content on our website? Use one of the following ways to credit the source.

Example 1 - Link to article/post URL.

Recently, I read an article on (link to article/blog page) that talked about ...

Example 2 - Reference the author and insert a quote with a link to the actual article/post.

In an article on (link to article/blog page), Author Name says that, "(insert article/blog quote here)".

Example 3 - Credit the source.

Source - (link to article/blog page) - Where Insurance Goes to Network™

Example 4 - Credit the source with Logo. - Where Insurance Goes To Network
Source - - Where Insurance Goes to Network™

Here is the HTML for Example 4 -

<a href=""><img src="" alt=" - Where Insurance Goes To Network" width="265" height="65" border="0" align="top" /></a><br />Source - <a href=""></a> - Where Insurance Goes to Network&#8482;