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Profit Sharing, What you need to know!

Author DeanFletcher , 6/10/2015
Why should your agency join Axis Associated Brokers? I’ll tell you why!

Among the list of reasons, the most important is it will increase profitability and stabilize your company relationships. 

Let Axis Protect You!

Author DeanFletcher , 5/13/2015
Your agency could be vulnerable to carriers. The system requires your agency to be appointed with a carrier you wish to represent. Between the process of trying to get appointed with these carriers, and once you are appointed with them, the premium commitments that are attached, put a lot of pressure on your agency to produce. 
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Take the Pressure off!

Author DeanFletcher , 4/22/2015
If you are an independent agency, you are required to get a direct appoint with each carrier you wish to represent. This process involves many comprehensive and time consuming steps.
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Regain Focus Today!

Author DeanFletcher , 2/4/2015
Being in this business we often times lose focus of the real reason we decided to take the risks inherent in entrepreneurship. Building financial security is important to gain freedom to do things your own way. This is also key to wealth accumulation, but that does not mean your main goal is just to turn a profit. 

Staying Completely Independent

Author DeanFletcher , 1/28/2015
Choosing the best course for your company can be hard. There are many variables to take into account ranging from Growth to ROI. Each decision can drastically change the course of your business. 

Gain Access to Markets!

Author DeanFletcher , 1/14/2015
Having access to markets can be difficult when you are a smaller agency. Not only do we make this task possible, but we also make it stress free! 
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Kick Off Your Company in the Right Direction!

Author DeanFletcher , 1/7/2015
With 2014 coming to a close, you may be thinking of what you can do to advance your company. The answer is to join a cluster! 
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Access to Better and More Markets!

Author DeanFletcher , 12/10/2014
Getting access to better markets can be difficult if you are a small or growing agency. Carriers want to bring in more premium and target larger agencies that can help them accomplish their revenue goals.

Will A Cluster Help Me Grow My Business?

Author DeanFletcher , 11/12/2014
Clusters have been around for quite some time now and have provided opportunities to many agencies, but will joining a cluster mean I will grow my agency?
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How do I know if I need a cluster?

Author DeanFletcher , 9/24/2014
How do I know if I need a cluster? Well, if you are not a large regional or national broker, chances are you will gain a competitive and professional advantage by joining a cluster.  Small to medium sized agencies tend to benefit the most at first because they immediately get access to more Top Tier Insurance companies, improved bonus commission structure and much greater opportunities for profit sharing.