Pacific Coast E&S Insurance Services

At Pacific Coast E & S Insurance Services, we’ve mastered “the three R’s” of insurance: rapidity, resourcefulness and relationships.” Rapidity - You can count on Pacific Coast E & S Services for prompt, efficient service, an innovative and proactive approach to placing your business, and the personal touch that shows you’re a valued customer, each time you call. Resourcefulness - Pacific Coast E & S Insurance Services has the resources to provide solutions for your client’s risks. We access A-rated insurers for your specialty and difficult accounts. Relationships – Using our substantial binding authority with contract markets and our knowledge and experience with brokerage facilities, we place coverage for retail producers on a broad spectrum of accounts. We’ve built strong relationships with retail agencies. We don’t work with everyone – we partner with agencies that operate at a high level of professionalism.

Comprehensive Coverage for your Clients’ Farm and Ranch Needs!

Author JerrodOlsen , 5/30/2018
Pacific Coast E&S offers various coverage options providing Farm Liability, Commercial General Liability(CGL) and Farm Property to fit your clients' needs.
A typical farm policy contemplates the premises liability of the farm as well as bulk or wholesale sales of the products produced on the farm and/or ranch. It does not contemplate retail or other commercial enterprises. These additional exposures are contemplated by the CGL policy.

We Have The Tools You Need For Your Contractor’s Needs!

Author JerrodOlsen , 12/20/2017
Getting into the contractors business takes more than starting/owning the business. A General Contractor has years of experience working as a foreman usually before they open a business, they have the plans, tools, a good crew, licensing, permits and COST! There is a long list of items that have to be complete in order to have an operating contractors business, weather if it’s for roofers, painters, residential/commercial contractors; they all have to complete a check list.

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